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October 14, 2019

S5-Ep291 - More Card Games to Play with Your Kids




Welcome, I’m your host Matt

 While I often times eschew technology related to our children – I don’t like my kids watching TV, I don’t let my kids get on an ipad very much. I understand that if we limit those things, we need to provide others. Or we need to provide our time to interact with them.

Card games are a good way to do that.

My dream is that when they get a bit older, 9,10 or so, that they want to play these games with their friends as a simple, fun, competitive way to interact face to face and see emotions in real life.

 I’ve picked out two games which I think could be fun. I may not get into the full set of rules, but I’ll link the sites I got them from in the show notes. Show notes also available on youtube.


The first game is called California speed. The rules are pretty simple and the game goes fast. It’s for 2 players.

You’ll need a full deck of cards. Each game takes a few minutes.

Shuffle a deck of cards. Deal all the cards out between two players, so each player ends up with half the deck. The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards. Whoever does so first wins the game.

You put down 4 cards face up. Between you and your opponent, there will be 8 cards up. If there are any that match, like two Kings, you take cards from your hand and you place them over the kings (again, face up). You keep on going until your out of cards or there are no matches on the table. If there are no matches you pile up the 4 piles in front of you (not your opponents 4) and add them to the bottom of your hand. It can get going fast!

The second game is Spoons.

You need a deck of cards and a bunch of spoons – one less spoon than the number of players.

For 5 people playing you’d gather up all the 2s,3s,4s,5s,6s.
Sit in a circle. Spoons in the middle. And deal 4 cards to each player.

The goal is to collect 4 of a kind.
And you do so by passing a card to the person on your left. Critical rule, make sure people are passing their card BEFORE they pickup the next one. Once you collect 4 of a kind, you grab a spoon, and the last person without a spoon has to sit out the next round.

We’ll catch you tomorrow.

October 13, 2019

S5-Ep290 - Medicine Day


 I want to take some time out of podcasting schedule to perform a physical. More like a checkup. A checkup on your knowledge of things related to children and sickness.

Because I know that all of us have had a kid come down with a fever and then wonder how many days we’ll let it go on before we take them to the doctor.

 What’s the standard line on fevers for children ~5-6 years old? Do you know?

   In healthy kids, not all fevers need to be treated. High fever, though, can make a child uncomfortable and make problems (such as dehydration) worse.

Ok, first thing. A fever over 102.2 (remember the rhyming twos there to see if it sticks. A fever over 102.2 – time to call the doc.   And note here, that should probably be an oral, rectal or under armpit measurement. temporal isn’t as accurate.

Fever under 102.2? It may be an issue still. Here are some additional pieces of info which may require you to call the doc. Note this list isn’t inclusive and I’m not a doctor. Call a doctor if you have concerns. I’ll reference where I got my information from in our show notes.

  • Refusing fluids. Problem.
  • Lasting diarrhea or vomiting. Problem.
  • Problem.
  • Specific complaint – like sore throat, ears, etc. Problem.
  • For kids over 2 – a fever after 72 hours. Problem.
  • Problem (except for my kids – who get quite a few rashes and the doc is like – yup. Not sure about those.) A majority are eczema, but still.

Again, those are call the doc issues. Get emergency care for things that are worse, such as headaches. Blue lips, nails, stiff necks, sluggishness, limpness. Again – not inclusive.


That’s it for today, we hope we brought this back into your memory banks. If you’re like me, you’ve been told all this before, but it’s good to have refreshers. We’ll catch you back here, tomorrow.


October 12, 2019

S5-Ep289 - Science Day

Today we can teach you to be a magician to your child. And in the end they may learn something about science. Or at a minimum, be enthralled by science so that when they get to the periodic table later in life they might have a chance of getting past it without falling asleep.

 Not a science person? We can help with these following ideas.

Here’s what you’ll need: Wool clothing works best, (though varying fabrics have varying affects). And an inflated balloon. Preferable a rubber balloon.

   Actually, this is a foolproof way to get your kid to look up to you. If the science experiment works – you’ve done magic. If it fails, well, my kids would be stoked to have a balloon.

Here’s how: Have your child rub the balloon on a wool sweater, scarf, hat, etc. Have them count to 20 while they do this. Here’s what’s happening at this moment: You’re creating static electricity by taking the negative electrons from the wool (a good giver of electrons) and they are hovering all around the outside of the balloon.

   Then run a steady, slow stream of water from the sink and have them hold the balloon close to the water without touching it.
  You’ll see that the water ‘bends’ toward the balloon.  

  All those negative electrons on the balloon are attracting the protons of the water molecules. Opposites attract. And you’ve shown that electromagnetism is a force that is real.

October 11, 2019

S5-Ep288 - The Beatles were wrong.

 The Beatles write:

There's nothing you can know that isn't known

Nothing you can see that isn't shown

There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be

It’s easy

All you need is love.

The Beatles were wrong. You need more than love. I know, I know; you want to believe it. I want to believe it.  But it’s well known that we all tend to believe articles on the web that reinforce our viewpoints. And when we hear something as simple and hopeful as “All you need is love”, we just dive right on in.

 But I think it can be dangerous.

  Ask anyone who has gone through a divorce not because they despised each other, but because they grew apart. Ask anyone who is parent to a sick child (like a really sick one in the hospital). Love isn’t enough. Medicine is needed.

I don’t want to be a downer on love.
But I want to upgrade the word “Nice”. “Nice” gets a bad rap. It’s the inferior version of love. It’s the fake version of acceptance. But it may be all we need.

You see, I’ve found that being nice is often times enough to start the ball rolling. I’ve found this out the hard way – by not being nice. At times to my wife. And probably to my kids at times.
Love is easy. I love my wife. I love my kids. But niceness is how we show it. So when we’re not nice, we’re not showing our love-even if it exists whole heartedly.

So if we’re nice when we’re not quite feeling it, it can better engage the other person receiving it. And that feedback loop builds on itself. And eventually, we get through it. We get through whatever we’re going through, they get to help us.

Maybe it’s was a bad day today, but I bet if you pick your kid up and give them a big hug, tickle them to get the innate laughter out of them, your day will turn around a lot quicker than sulking and moaning.

Be nice when you don’t want to and see the world change.

October 10, 2019

S5-Ep287 - The Carsen Daly Story

 "Top performers in every field--athletes, musicians, CEOs, artists--are all more consistent than their peers," writes James Clear, an author and speaker who studies the habits of successful people. "They show up and deliver day after day while everyone else gets bogged down with the urgencies of daily life and fights a constant battle between procrastination and motivation."

And I can guarantee that every one of us here have been bogged down with the urgencies of daily life and neglected our parenting responsibilities for a little bit. I’ve spoke about how I’ve seen it at sports practices, I’ve wrote about how I find myself zoning out when my kids recites what he ate for lunch to me – of which I packed for him.

 So why do I keep bringing up habits, and the slow path to parenting success instead of parenting hacks?

Well, I’m saying it’s hard. And that’s precisely why I keep bringing it up. Doing the hard things matter. And doing them more consistently, makes you a superstar.

The hard thing here is showing up, day after day. Reading to your child is a good example. My wife and I have made it a habit since they were tiny to read to them at bedtime. The main benefit here is the consistency and it’s only enabled because that’s just what we do. Not because we’re motivated to read children’s books each night.

   And does it pay off? Well, it can pay off in ways that you may not even know right now.

   I remember a story that Carson Daly told on air one time. He told about how he would hear his step-father get up for work at 5am every morning and get ready and leave the house and not return until late. And this consistent drive and desire to provide for his family instilled a work ethic in Carson that I’m going to assume exists to this day.  You don’t get to stay in Hollywood by being slacker or one hit wonder then fall behind.

   I’m sure there are other angles to this story – and some that could be negative. We all feel some amount of guilt about being away from our kids, but the point is that the consistency of what you do will affect what you teach your children. Your actions speak louder than your words. So decide what to be, and go be it, and then do it again tomorrow and the next day and the next.

October 9, 2019

S5-Ep286 - 57% of People Identify as This

 One question for you:  “Who are you?”  Identity relates to our basic values that dictate the choices we make (e.g., relationships, career). These choices reflect who we are and what we value.

However, few people choose their identities. Instead, they simply internalize the values of their parents or the dominant cultures (e.g., pursuit of materialism, power, and appearance). Sadly, these values may not be aligned with one’s authentic self and create unfulfilling life. In contrast, fulfilled people are able to live a life true to their values and pursue meaningful goals.

  • That was an excerpt from “psychology today” and it gives the simple binary choice that we are or we aren’t in line with our true values.

  And it makes you wonder who is living a life that isn’t aligned with their true values? Who are these suckers? 

   And it may just be one of us. You see,

                ▪ 57% of people identify as "saver". A saver as in the money sense – are you a spender or a saver?

Yet Huff Post says

                                ▪ 39% have enough money in savings to cover an unexpected 1000 bill

So someone is lying. If 57% say their a saver, but only 39% of people actually are – someone’s lying.

  • First, everyone dismisses these 61% of people who can’t cover a 1000$ as people who are bad with money. But that’s not always the case.
  • Ok, here’s where we’re going to dive deep and .

                                                ▪ Hanlon’s Razor states that we should not attribute to malice that which is more easily explained by stupidity. In a complex world, using this model helps us avoid paranoia and ideology. By not generally assuming that bad results are the fault of a bad actor, we look for options instead of missing opportunities. This model reminds us that people do make mistakes.

                So these people identify as savers, but let’s assume life got in the way and they couldn’t cover that $1,000, right now.

                And in parenting – don’t assume that the other parents are just mean or other people’s kids are despicable. We’re all lying to ourselves about something. And our job as adults is to see the reality through the fog. So what is your standard? Are you living up to it? And what could you do live more in-line with your true values?

October 8, 2019

S5-Ep285 - Gary V Advice Part 2


 Yesterday we talked about Gary V and timeless advice. Do the hard work. Always timeless. Now I want to add a disclaimer here about that. I’m not talking about doing hard work that is work for works sake. Taking a molehill and making a mountain out of it is not the point. But at some point you’ll need to put down the phone or cancel plans with your friends if deep down you know this is what your kid needs. That’s the hard work.

The real guts of today’s episode is about Gary’s specific advice on parenting. Now is Gary a great parent – I have no clue. But the guy has a real knack for cutting to the chase. For getting to the point and for nailing the hard things that we need to do as opposed to the fluff. 

 What’s he say?

   I focus in on three things that he said in this interview, I believe with an Australian mom podcasting duo. I’ll link the transcript in our show notes. Show notes available on our website or on YouTube – I put them on there because I think it’s a great central and accessible location for everything.


GaryVee s says Teenagers are disconnecting from their parents because their parents are doing it wrong. Parents are parenting based off of what the judgement from other parents is/will be.

And while I may not know anything about teenagers, I do see parents doing things based off the judgement of other parents. Self Confidence for parents is key. You have to be able to able to put your kids long term as the focus. You have to be able to put yourself second … and that’s impossible for a lot of people if putting yourself second means appearing less cool in the social circles. Try.


He says you need to listen. - zero judgements. -- pure love, teaching empathy, compassion. Then after you build an infrastructure around what they are (/what they are good at etc).

                I think this is great. And now is the time to do it. When our kids are young and don’t have a bad bone in their body – love, compassion is easier. And we need to listen – which means we need to be asking our kids. What to ask them – everything and anything. Pepper them with questions.


                 Tactics are great but only if you believe it. Otherwise it's fake.

                To me, this one’s about all the parenting hacks you read online – They all claim to shortcut the process and get you the result. Gary V nails it here – yea if you believe in the long term goal; cool. Otherwise you’re fake.

                Gary finishes off saying “my 5y/o has a recital next Friday and I want to be there - I will not be there.

That's real. But I don't beat myself up.

Put your kid in the best position to have a healthy successful life - that is not attending every recital.

October 7, 2019

S5-Ep284 - Gary V Advice Part 1

 I listen to a little bit of Gary Vaynerchuk. Now Gary V is an entrepreneur who’s running a media company right now. He’s blown up over the past few years and I think this is one case where youtube/social media/etc has got it right. Who doesn’t like that Jersey swagger he’s got to him, and he seems to have done it right. Raised in a middle class immigrant family, he’s put it all on the line, worked his butt off and amplified social to make his fame.

But his message is right on. In a world of instant gratification he says, do the hard stuff. In a world of likes and retweets, he talks about his old tweets which got 3 likes. And how doing those things, whether you have 3 followers or 3 million, well that’s the same. If you’re motivated by fame – you’ll always feel unpopular. But if you do it for you – that’s where the happiness lies.

 But can his advice translate to parenting?

   I think so, I think timeless advice is timeless for a reason.

That timeless advice I focus on here: Do the hard work. He says, “And when you come out the other side, you will be an overnight success.”

My question is how long. How long do you have to do this hard work for your kid to come out the other side as a success?

Well if you believe one of my previous episodes – everyone’s running their own race. So it’s a bit hard to decide if you’re running a 3 year race, 7 year? 15 year?

You know how you take your car in and hope for 300$, then reason it'll probably be $500, and it turns out to be a 1000 and you’re pissed, but somehow you figure it out - that's similar to what we hope for when we wonder how long we have to put in this work of parenting. 1 more year? Until they start middle school? It’s probably more like 7 more years.

Sorry, but your kids success is a long way off. I don’t think you can take your foot off the accelerator until mid teens. But of course I don’t know.

Delayed gratification is tough to teach - harder to implement after living a life without it. I don't know what to tell you - other than - if this what you want - and you believe this is how you get there - then tell yourself ‘This is what it takes to get to the finish line’. Just like a marathon runner - yea those guys want to quit in the middle of the race - but they tell themselves that each step - no matter how painful - gets them to their finish line. What's your finish line? Will you step through the pain?

October 6, 2019

S5-Ep283 - 3 Things to do with Your Child Today (April)

 Something strange just happened all across the country – children everywhere were excited to be out of school. Parents everywhere groaned. It was spring break. At least that’s how I sort of viewed it. Of course I wasn’t one of those families who went somewhere and happily posted warm weather photos of them and their happy kids doing happy things. I toiled away on a house repair project while at the same time watching a 3 and 5 year old.  I needed some help.

 But my old friend – the to-do list was helpful at least. And I had a list of about 6 or 7 things that I could pull out in times of need. So if you’re worn out and out of ideas, here’s this month’s delivery. 3 things to do with your child today.

  1. Go to the web. Search for printable mazes. And find some that are your kid’s level. My 3 year old took a while to get the concept, and I had to walk him through it. Luckily there are all types. What clicked for him was “roads” that you had to drive on to get the car to the home. Without that concept, he gladly just crossed all the maze lines to the goal. Done. Easy he thought. My five year old found some interesting where you had to maze your way through but hit all the numbers in order along the way. It was neat to see them experience something for the first time, yet again. I think it expanded their brains – it’s a wide world out there.
  2. Have your children do whatever you do. I say this, even though a lot of the time we’re asking them to go play so we can make dinner, fold laundry, or finish our favorite show. I say this because even when you think what your doing has no place for kids, and will double your effort; kids love it. Today I took my kids into the crawlspace with me to work on something. Sure did double the time to get them ready, and use their headlamps, etc, etc. But they really loved it. They loved being part of it. A lot of us said we wouldn’t be slowed down by kids – well prove it – take them wherever you are going.
  3. Tell your kids - no have them repeat: I am strong, I am beautiful, I can become somebody.

Yea, make a song out of it, sing it, dance it, scream it if you have a crazy one. I think mornings are great to start them out on the right foot this way, but you do you. Have them say it with you; I am strong, I am beautiful, I can become somebody.

October 5, 2019

S5-Ep282 - A look ahead

 New! Improved! Comes in three new colors!   Ok, we’re not new and improved but I wanted to take a few minutes and talk about what we can look forward to. What episodes are coming up and what you may be able to think about, read – in your everyday news browsing, and remember. Then when we talk about it in the next month, you’ll have some input.

   In the next month I want to have a mini series on education. I want to touch on what Bill Gates has accomplished and what he’s failed at in trying to transform education.

I want to talk about morality and how the perspective of morality has completely changed over the last 50 years. – That right there is crazy in and of itself. How does right and wrong change so much, so fast? We’ll talk about it.

I have an episode titled, 57% of people identify as this. And you’ll have to check back in to see what ‘that’ is.

And I want to talk about James’ Clear’s 4 burners theory. The ideas is that you are a stove – with 4 burners. And you only have enough gas to keep 3 of those 4 going. Which 3 will you focus on?
So come back this month, develop a habit to listen, get some good ideas on parenting and let the knowledge come to you. We love to help.


And tomorrow’s episode will be our monthly series – Three things to do with your kids today.

We’re always aiming to provide actionable advice and we hope that at least one idea will spark something in you. If you have a friend or colleague who could use the help, like we could,  please share it with them. We’d really appreciate it.


October 4, 2019

S5-Ep281 - Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned

 This past week was a tough one. Only from a work perspective, luckily. But it was tough. As I say on this channel – we’re real people giving real, front line advice. What works for us, may work for you, but listen, process it, try it, and see if it works. And the benefits to “real” advice are many, but the downside is that sometimes we all run ourselves down and don’t leave much for our wife and kids?

 So what to do, what to say when you get home from work exhausted and have nothing to give?

   Well, while I was on this week’s business trip, we finally connected on facetime on Thursday or so. And my kid asked me how my day was. And I thought for a minute: Do I say it was great and placate him? Do I be honest? And I said, you know buddy, sometimes the days don’t work out like you expect them to and it doesn’t go well. And he seemed to accept that.

  Sometimes we have to deal out a little truth, but in ways they can handle, and hope that it aids to the humility that we’re hoping to teach.

  Keeping the advice short today: Sometimes there are times when the house is a wreck, the husband is gone for the week, and we’re tired as hell. All I can say is keep trying. Do the best you can.

We hang on in these times when it’s rough seas. And when the seas calm down, we work on becoming better people, make ourselves into a better vessel. Because better vessels handle rougher seas better too.

  And as I was leaving the hospital I was working at this past week, a medical helicopter was coming in. And I said, as I often do when I see medical helicopters. “Yup, that person is having a worse day than me.” Keep perspective. Keep trying.  

October 3, 2019

S5-Ep280 - P7) The right journey is the destination

From http://www.marcandangel.com/2017/05/07/sharing-these-20-truths-with-your-child-could-change-their-life/

 Day 7 in the platitude series. We’ve done it a week now. I like these platitudes because they cross the line. They cross the line between being fluffy and being meaningful. They cross the line between being about improving us as parents, and improving our kids as well. So listen and decide for yourself.

 Todays’s topic is that age old mantra – it’s not about the destination but the journey. And I know they’re right. I just have trouble following that advice, being a very goal driven person.  Here’s what the article, (I’ll link it in the show notes” has to say:

   The right journey is the destination. – The most prolific and beneficial experience is not in actually achieving something you want, but in seeking it.  It’s the journey towards an endless horizon that matters – goals that move forward with you as you chase them.  It’s all about meaningful pursuits – the “moving” – and what you learn along the way.  Truly, the most important reason for moving from one place to another is to see what’s in between.  In between is where passions are realized, love is found, strength is gained, and memories are made.  You can’t get any of that without firsthand living.  In other words, the right journey is the destination.  Remember this truth, live by it… set an example for your child.


I think one of the easiest things to do to reinforce this is to go on vacation. Now I’m not advocating you take a vacation for our sake. If I could have that kind of sway, I’d be promoting some high end resort and getting a nice kickback! But there will be things you do as a family this spring or summer. And those are the perfect times to ask your kids if they know why we are going somewhere? It might be interesting to hear the answers! I can just hear some of your kids repeating back to you some of the highlights that you’ve been imagining. But after the vacation is over, I’m willing to bet that the memories aren’t of what you expected. The lesson to reinforce here isn’t that you’re sole focus is on witnessing that Cinderella castle, but on the adventure we all experience in getting there.

October 2, 2019

S5-Ep279 - P6) The lifelong pursuit of happiness is about finding

From http://www.marcandangel.com/2017/05/07/sharing-these-20-truths-with-your-child-could-change-their-life/

 Day 6 in the platitude series. I like these platitudes because they cross the line. They cross the line between being fluffy and being meaningful. They cross the line between being about improving us as parents, and improving our kids as well. So listen and decide for yourself.

 Today we talk about another topic that is out of reach for half of the adults out there. Happiness. So if adults can’t conquer this, how are kids supposed to? Well I didn’t say we guarantee success here, I just asked everyone to try. 

   The article I mention sayd, “Pursuing happiness is not at all the same as feeling happy, which is a fleeting emotion dependent on momentary circumstances.  This is something that tends to confuse us when we’re young.  Happy moments feel great and are often fun-filled – if the sun is shining, by all means we should bask in it.  But happy moments always pass, because time passes.  The lifelong pursuit of happiness, on the other hand, is far more elusive; it’s not based on a particular momentary circumstance.  What you are really pursuing is meaning – living a meaningful life.  It starts with your “why.”  (Why are you doing what you’re doing every day?)  When your “why” has significance, you are living your life on your own terms, which makes the inevitable obstacles that arise on your path that much easier and more fulfilling to overcome.  In essence, you are putting forth effort and pushing forward because doing so brings meaning into your life.  (Do your best to help your child find their “why,” and let them know that it’s OK if it changes over time.)”


Now finding a kid’s “Why” sounds very fraught with problems to me. What if I get it wrong, what if it’s a bad “why”.  But the research I see out there says we all have a deep down “why” and it’s generally formed by the time we’re teens. This means I only have 10 years to find and help my kid here. And while there are dissertations written on child development, I would say to keep focusing on (for example) how your kids felt while playing sports, and not the score of the game. Focus on the effort, and not the outcome, and your kids will naturally find a path that satisfies their goals.

October 1, 2019

S5-Ep278 - P5) Ohmmmm - Reflection

From http://www.marcandangel.com/2017/05/07/sharing-these-20-truths-with-your-child-could-change-their-life/

  Day 5 in the platitude series. I like these platitudes because they cross the line. They cross the line between being fluffy and being meaningful. They cross the line between being about improving us as parents, and improving our kids as well. So listen and decide for yourself.

  Today we talk about gratitude. I’ll try to keep it light here and not dive too deep into meditation and all.

    But in the article I’ve linked in the show notes, They “discuss the powerful benefits of keeping a gratitude journal.  And the really good news is it works for children too.  In one example, Dr. Robert Emmons, of UC Davis, asked teenage students to keep a gratitude journal – over ten weeks, the young undergrads listed five things that had happened in the past week which they were grateful for.  The results were astoundingly powerful – the students who kept the gratitude journal were up to 25% happier, more optimistic about their future, and got sick less often during the controlled study.  They even got more exercise than usual.  The bottom line is that children who keep a gratitude journal are statistically happier, more optimistic, and healthier.  As soon as your child is old enough, help them start one.”


And at this age, maybe we don’t have them journal. I mean my kids’ rainbows are still a bit squiggly, let alone letters. But we can ask. We can lead by example.
One way to lead by example is to startup a conversation with your significant other over dinner tonight. Just you and them. As if your kid isn’t there. And ask each other what you’re grateful for. And there’s probably a 50/50 chance that your kid jumps into the conversation.
One way to ask your child, not at the dining table, is to ask them what they can’t live without. What would you be sad about if it left the house. And when they say, “I’d be sad if the dog left” then you can say, “yes, I’m grateful that we have a dog too, and we should treat her well to show her we’re grateful”.

September 30, 2019

S5-Ep277 - P4) Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference

From http://www.marcandangel.com/2017/05/07/sharing-these-20-truths-with-your-child-could-change-their-life/


 Day 4 in the platitude series. I like these platitudes because they cross the line. They cross the line between being fluffy and being meaningful. They cross the line between being about improving us as parents, and improving our kids as well. So listen and decide for yourself.

 Today’s episode is on attitude. That totally human, thing, that we have trouble controlling, but often makes the difference no matter the situation we’re presented with. When  you say the word attitude and then say your child’s name: You think of a pernicious kid, or a cherub child, or something. But something comes to mind – attitudes are defining. And therefore important.

                Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. – If you want to be effective in life, you can’t base your attitude on how things are.  Instead, you have to choose your attitude so it supports and expresses the way you wish to be.  It’s not about expecting the best to always happen, but instead accepting whatever happens and then making the very best of it.  Truly, most of our long-tern frustration and stress comes from the way we respond and react to circumstances, not the circumstances themselves.  Learn to adjust your attitude, and all that extra frustration and stress is gone.  Practice this in your own life, so your child can witness the results firsthand.


There are times when our kids head off to a normal day of kindergarten or 1st or 2nd grade, and are a little hesitant to leave their parent’s side. One strategy is to say, “You are brave, and whatever happens today, I believe you can handle it.”   This works because it’s “accepting whatever happens and then making the very best of it." And it reinforces their belief that they are brave and they can handle it – all because we told them that they could. In that moment, that’s the story they’re building inside their heads. And that’s the way to do it. Teach a man to fish, you know.
OK, that’s it for today, we really appreciate you listening, we totally hope we’re helping, and it’s no fun to go at this alone, so share this podcast with a friend and discuss it over a long text message session.