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A Daily Parenting Advice Podcast. Non-Pretentious. In less than 3min a day!

About Us

December 31, 2018

My name is Matt and I'm a real parent. With real kids who are both amazing and amazingly frustrating at times. 

Overall, I love the idea that it takes a village to raise a child, but if you're an introvert in today's world, it can be hard. 

And since the world is getting flipped on it's head and now; the internet is the real world and the real world is fake; well, it's time for a little help online.  

And I tossed around the idea of making a book; TLDR. 

And I tossed around the idea of YouTube; #introvert.

But what made the most sense was giving people what they want in the time they have. And everyone has 3 minutes a day to get some free help on their most important job. 

Reach me via email at: theparentingfastcast@gmail.com