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S5-Ep234 - Body-Check; Mind-Check; Now Indulge?

August 18, 2019

 Over the past few days we’ve been talking about the body and the mind and how important it is to keep them both in shape if we want to be good people and parents. And I’ll let you kind of take it where you want to – whether that’s reminding you to take care of yourself, or maybe it’s imparting these lessons on your kids so that they grow up with good habits on the body and mind. Where you take it is up to you, no judging here.

 So we have done all we need to, right? Now we can indulge some? Right? treat-yo-self. Right?

Resolution: Sorry. Can’t. At least not yet. The last thing you probably want to hear is more Mr. Money Mustache advice. And admittedly, he can come off a bit smug, but you have to at least acknowledge a few things that I believe are hard to follow life lessons.
And one is that daily hardship and learning is important. He says,

  • if you are not sweating and learning and doing something difficult and solving problems, you are not living fully. Find a way to scale back the pampering and achieve more with your own body and mind.

-- And it’s interesting that he uses the words “scale back” because in times of overwhelmingness, we often don’t need to do more, we need to prioritize more. And I think a good way to prioritize both learning and parenting is to listen to a podcast on learning parenting!!!

And the second thing is finally to indulge. Finally right?! Sort of. 

  • Indulge, but only with Moderation and Self-Mockery: this country is rich enough that you can become wealthy even without perfect self-discipline – even on minimum wage. But the moment you think you deserve or need whatever indulgence you are currently treating yourself to, you have lost the game. Luxuries and treats are just short-term pleasurable distractions, like any other drugs.Indulge if you can afford them, but you’re not missing one ounce of happiness if you choose to go without at any given moment.