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July 30, 2019  

S5-Ep215 - Marie Kondo – Don’t believe the Hype

July 30, 2019

 If you believe everything you see on the internet; you’re a fool. And no one is like that. But the more dangerous thing out there is believing in what we want to believe. And Marie Kondo is that. We want to believe throwing away the correct 6 things will create our magic space, and make us feel in control of our house! And when it comes from a tiny, unblemished skin, dark black hair Asian lady – well then it must be possible if it made her this perfect.

 But perfection isn’t possible. And we have to keep telling ourselves that because deep down, we all want to believe it is possible with a little spring cleaning. I struggle with this perfection thing every day – so I’m used to working through these feelings. But my wife: She’s all into the purging thing. Here’s how it’s working for us

One item – and all credit to my wife for it – was treasure boxes. About a year ago she bought a plastic Tupperware style container for them. It’s only about 10” x 6”x6” so it’s not big. And whatever they want to keep in there, they can. But if it doesn’t fit, they have to swap something out or get rid of it. I’d recommend this. This has been great – This is one of those things where “it’s no longer our fault when we say no”. This is one of those “it’s the rule” kind of things and our kids don’t realize that we’re saying no – but not saying no – it’s the rule of the treasure box! Ok, so what’s in my kids treasure box: Three Rocks. One bird feather. Some baseball cards. 4 bracelets (what’s up with kids liking bracelets so much?), a small piece of pottery from a paint the pottery class with his grandma, and a few birthday cards written by his friend. We’ll see you all, tomorrow.