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S5-Ep317 - Teaching Responsibility

November 9, 2019

 Our morning routine isn’t always successful, but I genuinely believe that a) it’s doing a lot of good and b)it’s doing no good.

It’s doing good because this is the way all those so called experts say to do it. Give kids tasks, let them do it.

It’s doing no good because we as parents are at fault when it doesn’t work. And we don’t always follow through.

  But there are more areas besides the morning routine which can help our children create responsibility. Here are 3 that I’ve researched.

   1. Show your child that everyone’s responsibility matters. Have him or her cut out bookmark sized strips of paper and write a family activity on one. I’ll use the morning routine as my example. On the other strips write down the things needed to get done before the main activity is completed. Here there will be a. get dressed. B. Put on shoes. C. Put lunchbox in backpack. D. get keys for the car. E. Feed the dog. Now let them link the strips to make a chain. They’ll see that getting out the door relies on everyone doing their job.


  1. Help your youngster get in the habit of handline her responsibilities on time . Let her draw a clock on apaper and add sticky notes labeled with daily tasks. “Homewor” at 4pm. Walk the dog at 6pm. Post the clock in a visible spot.
  2. “Catch” your child being responsible. Sometimes good old fashion acknowledgment is all us humans need. Things like “that was very responsible of you to throw away your trash”.


And for feedback / consequences. These are the things you thought would work before you had kids. They sometimes will and sometimes won’t, but if you’ve asked for toys to be picked up, then don’t remind them. Just start outside on your walk without them and tell them that you’ll wait outside for them while they do that cleanup task you asked of them an hour ago. Play the long game as a parent – it’s your winning move.