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S5-Ep316 - 3 Things to do with your Child today (May)

November 8, 2019


 The month of May can be great. For me, spring is my favorite season. Hope of a warm summer, the rejuvenation of nature, all lead me to be more positive than I am on December 1st. But there are still a few days where it’s rainy and inside activities are required.

 So here are some mainly indoor activities that you can do with your kid that will help them become better people. 

  One. Make an imaginary Ipad. Really, have them make an imaginary ipad. Provide them with a piece of cardboard and staple or tape a few sheets of paper over it. This way it’s not just a flimsy piece of paper. Have them draw their version of an ipad and apps on each page. Have them make one app that’s a game. And one app that’s useful like an app that opens the garage door. The imagination is the point here. And when they’re done, say things like, “What was the hardest part about making this”, and “I’m really proud of all the effort that you put into it”. These are the kind of people building statements that the experts say are important.

Two. Practice fine motor skills. Stacking pennies, but sorting anything by color, or using tweezers is also ok. Google some fine motor activities, but I like the penny stacking game. Maybe it’s only 5-10 minutes. It doesn’t have to be an all day thing. Just something to do.

Three. Don’t read a book to your kid. Have them read to you. If they know how to read great. If they don’t have them read the pictures. Go slow on each page and after the book is done, have them tell you what happened. They didn’t quite get it – have them look again, and express each page. This is a thing, this reading of the pictures. It’s recommended by our own kindergarten teacher.