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S5-Ep315 - Set yourself up for success

November 7, 2019

 The setup of your environment is incredibly important. It literally defines you.

You thought you, defined you.  You think that you are the one who decides what to eat and what to do after dinner. Not true. What you surround yourself with is what you do.

In fact James Clear talks about environment all the time, and it’s so big he’s made a career out of it, just like Marie Kondo has. Some quick and extreme examples to get my point across are things like putting your TV away in your closet after you use it. You’ll be darn sure that you really want to watch TV if you have to pull it out each time. But I don’t advocate extremism. In fact if you had a single spot that the remote was supposed to go after you used it – that would be amazing because it would never be lost. So things like these examples I’m about to list can be life improving – even though you’ll be resistant to change.

 Here are some of the items which I have been doing. Some things that craft our household life for the better in my opinion. This may come off like a humble-brag. I don’t care. I have lots of holes in my life. I’m just trying to share the ones that work for me, and may help you – all by changing your environment.

   1. Food is big with me. So the simple fact that I don’t buy cookies feels like a deprivation to a lot of people. But I think there are thousands of foods that taste good. And keeping the chips ahoys on constant re-buy list ---- because let’s be honest, you buy the same shit at the grocery store week in and week out. Not having them means I don’t eat them.  And having fruit out on the table – in a big open bowl means I do eat that. It’s as simple as putting it out there works. And a second benefit is that if your kids are the type that say “I’m hungry” you can just send them to the fruit bowl. Dig in kids.

  1. A shelf of games. A shelf of coloring book. A shelf of puzzles.

Because if you give a kid an ipad – he’ll chose that. If you surround your kid with puzzles they’ll do those. But if you prefer outdoor activities. Surround your kids with sports equipment. What’s your goal and what fits your kid?

  1. Bins. I am always the no guy. So when my wife wanted to spend money on bins I was like, don’t we have enough already? And the answer was no. If organization is your goal then you need to factor in a bin (or at least a spot) for every toy you buy. If that’s your goal – that needs to be your environment.
    We’ll catch you tomorrow.