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S5-Ep313 - Our Special Kids

November 5, 2019

   I primarily read for myself. For my own knowledge, for my own benefit, for my own kids. But what are humans if not helpful? Really? The words Humans and Helpful are very much related. In fact it’s the reason that the slower, weaker, inferior humans beat out Neanderthals and saber tooth tigers. It’s in our genes to be social and work together. So while I may read for my own benefit, I think it’s in my genes to try and share the knowledge I’ve curated.  And that’s what this podcast is: My way to help humanity change its direction to a better course.

So if you feel the need to share, please reach out and share with a friend or colleague, it’s what keeps this thing going.

 What I’ve been reading lately? Well it was not parenting related. But I am bringing it to the parenting scene. It’s the idea that successful leaders who make successful decisions do it a certain way.


Breaking down it gets into 4 areas, and I want to simplify it further to make my point and you can research more from there should you really care. But these leaders ask themselves the question, is this a special case scenario or is this a generic problem?

And in the case of deciding who to hire to fill a truck driver positon; that’s a generic problem. You need someone willing to be away from home and sit in a truck. Good eyesight, comfy seat.

For the case of a Chief Creativity officer … you get the idea. Special case. There’s only one.

And for a lot of the decisions we make as parents; especially for the first time parents, we believe that our special child deserves special decisions.

And when your 2 year old used to come into your room at 1230 in the morning, you tried to find the special thing that was making them wake. Was it the shadows? Was it the lack of a sound machine? Did you start bedtime 5 mintues to early? Are they going through a special development stage right now?

And then some of you started into the books or seminars. And down the rabit hole you went. But this wasn’t a special scenario. All kids go through some sleep regression. So if all kids do it, why do we think they’re so unique?

They aren’t. And we’d be a lot better off if we just followed the advice of so many experts: When your kid wakes up; walk them back to their bed without a word. Then leave. Maybe say, “I’m always right in the other room”. And leave. Yes, you may have to do it 739 times before they learn. But that’s on you. You’re a parent now. Eventually your kid will decide to stay in bed for herself.

 So what is a common problem in your life? With your kid? And is it really a ‘special case’? What are you doing that’s so unique as an answer that you may not be helping?

I can think of a few common areas: Food (they eat what you eat). Screentime (limit it). Socialization (let them figure it out).

We’ll see you tomorrow.