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S5-Ep312 - Selective Focus

November 4, 2019

 Yesterday we talked about time management and one of the reasons that I started this podcast was to change the culture. But changing the culture in our children is hard when, as parents, you see yourself constantly playing referee, constantly tired, constantly behind schedule.

So fixing those expectations is important to being a better parent. Educating yourself actually helps your children.

And yesterday’s focus was … focus. Where do we want to focus our time and if we focus everywhere – cut yourself a break.

Today’s episode aims to selectively focus on a specific problem that we see. Whether that’s: refereeing fights, being hit/yelled at, not sharing, too much screen time

 We use Warren Buffet's 5/25 rule to do this.


He says, “Write down 25 things you want to accomplish. Then prioritize them. Then cross out the last 20. Focus on the 5.”.

I’d recommend you actually do this with pen and paper. If not 25, at least hit 10.  But make this 10 list things that are problems that your children exhibit. Whining, hitting, etc.

We, as parents, are correcting or complimenting a million different actions our kids do - thinking that we are instinctually right in each of these cases, and letting intuition be our guide.

                Buffet says, "Selectively focus" and for the next week (that's it 1 week – make it a business week of 5 days - if it works, great, if it doesn't work, if it's not the way you operate – stop, change and find out what does) … for the next week, right down the 5 actions you want out of your kids and focus on that. So if the #1 thing on your list is to "not have to play referee so much", then read up on the topic. Scour those interwebs.

Then whenb the kids come running to you to settle an argument - fall back on your knowledge or say, "Figure it out yourself kids".