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S5-Ep304 - Bing Daily Polls: Teachable Moments

October 27, 2019

 First of all, I’m fascinated by how other people live. I will go to Walmart and see the eclectic dichotomy of Americans there and wonder – is this an accurate cross sections of America? I still don’t have an answer to that. Partly because of hope; I hope that’s not a cross section of America. And partly because there’s so many demographics targeted by Walmart.  But I’m always fascinated by what decisions the rest of America makes. And a few days ago I put out a podcast on ‘Live PD’; again, another view into “the rest of the world”.

 So another view of people is in the Bing Daily Polls. Bing is the Microsoft search engine. Their rewards program has a link you can click on every day to get a 1 question. 2 possible answer poll. You choose ‘A’ or you choose ‘b’.

   And it’s interesting because what I think are ‘definite’ answers – others may not agree with. That’s interesting. So this feedback loop, on what others think or prioritize can be very helpful to an introvert like myself.

Here are some interesting Q/A and my thoughts on them.

  • Which view would make you happier? Nature View or City View: 88% said ‘Nature’.

    1. There are some things which are ingrained in us as humans. A connectedness with nature is one of them. The reasons, I’m sure, go back thousands of years. But the point is that we can probably help our children avoid the stresses of life; by sending them outside. Nature doesn’t have to be a mountain peak, it can be a city park nature trail. It could very well be a wooded lot with a tiny creek at the edge of your subdivision. So get your kids outside. Get them out often. Tell them to go outside and figure it out.
  • Which decade has better bands? The 70s or the 90s? 63% said the 70s.
    1. This is interesting because I think it’s false data. Here I am espousing my love for polls and what it tells me about America. But this is important. You can’t believe everything you read. You have to understand the demographics. And 1) 70s band have been around longer and been listened to by more people. 2) The younger crowd is probably on google, or snapchat or something that’s not Microsoft Bing. The lesson here is to apply your own filter. Question everything. It’s a life and parenting skill that will take you far.
  • If you could remote control your life, which button would you use? 72% chose the rewind button. 28% pause button.
    1. I’m amazed here. My wish as a kid wasn’t to fly, but was to pause time. So I’m so confused that 72% of the people chose the opposite. 72% tells me that adults must really look back at their lives and see room for improvement; to erase a couple of blemishes. But I’m reminded of the book “love and logic’s” points here: The repercussions of failing today are less than tomorrow. If the wish for a re-wind button is so strong in adults, then we need to let our children learn those lessons earlier vs later. A life of lessons learned early prevents this regret later in life.


That’s it for today. What kind of interesting things like this have you heard of? What surprised you about them?