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S5-Ep302 - The Boy Crisis Part 2

October 25, 2019

 Yesterday we tried to summarize the problem of boys and the biased expectations that a culture can put on them. And I want to take a side note here and say I do understand that women too have a different set of expectations, that have their own problems. I don’t discount that. It’s just not the focus of today. On one hand when we hear the phrase, “The future is female” – well some people may argue that it is in direct contrast to the other cultural idea that men should be a breadwinner – and that conflict is at the heart of the boy crisis.  But on the other hand, how do we think all those women felt in the 1950s when the future was totally male? Men were CEOs, Men were doctors, Women could have jobs as long as they did their second job at home. So I don’t feel a ton of sympathy here.

Ok, end of that side story. Todays podcast is on millennials.

 You see, this is where the conflict is playing out. Young millennials specifically, have a conflict.

  But first I want to highlight the SNL skit, “Millenial millions” where Keenan Thompson plays game show host to two millennials who can win big if they listen to boomers repeat some of their trite lines.

… and they played all the music, and did all the drugs, and had all the sex and went to college and got all the jobs and made all the money and bought all the houses and they won’t ever die. They’re the boomers!

And they get all that just for being born at the right time.

The problem is there’s a little truth in every joke.

My point is that we’re at the crossroads, as a society. This generation after Gen Y will be influenced by Gen Y aka: Millenials. And Gen Y is in a crisis about many things. I’ll give my take and a quick “Do or Don’t” // “good or bad” lesson on it.

  1. Gen Y is crazy good at teamwork. Boomers think that you they raised themselves up by their bootsraps. They didn’t. – Lesson – Keep doing this. Keep encouraging teamwork and interaction.
  2. Coddling: Gen Y was coddled. True story. And it directly contradicts with what praise as a culture. We praise Zuckerberg for “making it on his own”. We praise Steve Jobs for single handedly inventing the iphone (except he didn’t – that’s just a story). But Gen Y was raised in the best environment yet in the modern world. Ever.   So they got some parents that loved them and coddled them. The lesson – don’t do this. Let your kids fail.
  3. Self Absorbed: Ever 59% of millennials described this generation that way. The lesson here. Get them off the phones. Away from an online world that revolves around them only. When they live in that world, it’s all they know how to do.
  4. Creativity and social responsibility, concern for the environment: All good qualities of this Gen Y generation. Keep talking about those to your kids and we’ll at least have a head start on some of the other problems.