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S5-Ep299 - Lessons from Live PD

October 22, 2019

 I have always loved the show Cops. I’m sure it comes from my parents, who would let us watch it. It’s not like 9 year old me got to pick the TV shows I watched. And it’s always been half, “see how the other side lives” and half “viewing a live social experiment.”

That live social experiment is just that – the science of ‘pull someone over, talk to them, see how they react, and then adjust and move forward from there.”

 So what can Live PD teach us?

   First it tells us that if you’re nice to cops, they can be nice back. If you’re an asshole; you’re probably getting a ticket. Second, it showed me that the job requires a lot of empathy. I always thought it was seeing laws broken and writing tickets. But when you pull over a woman speeding to confront her cheating husband, you tend to realize this isn’t the worst part of her day.

 But there are 3 lessons that I want to point out. There are many lessons each time I watch it, but here are a few I believe in.

  1. Know who you're kids are dating - There's more than one story of cops pulling over a car and the guy jumps out and runs. And a girl sits in the car, stunned, then crying that this was their 2nd date and she really didn’t even know the guy that well. And that there will be no 3rd
  2. Drinking is bad. This is serious. The amount of issues that alcohol causes is ridiculously high. You know how people complain about wasted tax dollars, but people have no problem being dirt poor and wasting their money on booze. People complain about political correctness, then go out, have a few drinks and think it not a problem to yell at their wives, arguing to the point of battery at times. It’s a real problem. And it is often the baby boomer generation. So we in the middle need to lead by example. I might sound draconian, but eliminating booze from your house when you kids are teenagers, will set a correct example for them.
  3. Cops can help - There's probably a clear division between socio economic classes on their views of cops. For anyone out there listening with a negative view of cops because they've been profiled, been harassed, seen harassment, or been ignored. I get it. I may not have experience to match, but I can understand. My only advice is to raise your kids to have their shit together. Because when you have to confront a cop, they're masters at getting past the bullshit. And it's better to have nothing to lie about.