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S5-Ep298 - An Outsider’s View of Education

October 21, 2019

 I have mentioned Mr. Money Mustache on the podcast before. I bring him up here, but probably in any situation, because he’s a perfect blend of a total outsider, someone who can see the world through the fog, and you can’t ignore him – because he’s successful. Or as successful as we assume anyone is that retired at 30 something. His perspective here is important because he’s that acceptable outsider.

 So what does he have to say? And are there any valid points that he has?

  Well all you have to know about his take on the modern – school was invented to keep workers in-line – he says, “Fuck that” so you know he’s a major contrarian.

Still, contrarians get things right occasionally. Wrong occasionally too. But I like his general take.

Humans are naturally curious and energetic creatures, and if you set us free in the right environment, we will get to work learning, producing, and having a great time at it.

He says, “If you start with the natural hunger kids have towards learning, and subtract out some of the biggest obstacles (lineups, waiting for the slow trudge of big-class teaching, boring and repetitive activities), you find that you can exceed the actual academic learning contained in a typical school day with just an hour or two of concentrated effort.”

  And I want to take a detour here and say this is generally true for a lot of office jobs too. We as adults can often times do the same work with just an hour or two of concentrated effort.

 Anwyay, I’ll end with,
“This fits well with the modern and future workforce, where employers are looking for people who can adapt, create, and produce, rather than simply follow rules. But even using the word “employers” is shortsighted in my book. I’m not teaching my kid to be an employee – I’m teaching him to be a creator…”

  He goes onto talk about his desire and information on home-schooling. And I think we have a few home schooling parents listening here. And congrats on that. But it’s not for me. I’ll take the unconstructive school time with the constructive. I’ll supplement and succeed. All in an effort to balance everyone’s lives in my family.

  But the main and original point is important. Humans are naturally curious and energetic creatures. Your kid is even more so than you think. So let’s not stifle that. Let’s encourage it.