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S5-Ep294 - A business analogy

October 17, 2019

  I am male. And there are some gender stereotypes I’ve grown up with. One is that the business world is male. And that it’s a cutthroat game.

  But the business of parenting is gender neutral – if you’re hip in the 20-teens. Or Gender fluid – if you’re forward thinking. I say gender fluid because sometimes the mom teaches something, sometimes it’s dad who does it – and in one year from now, those roles could very well be swapped – just because each parent has a good perspective on things.

Anyway, I bring up business because there are parallels everywhere – other parallels are medicine, science, finance, art, psychology – that we can learn from. This is why life is a never ending search for meaning – there’s so much out there. 

This is an excerpt from an article titled: The Most Valuable Lessons from 6 Top Entrepreneurs.  Then we’ll relate it back to parenting. 

Danny Morel (an entrepreneur) says,

 An early career mistake was fueling my business with too much personal time and energy. I created a paradigm where I was the single motor driving the ship. With this mindset, I quickly found myself working seven days a week, which was unsustainable and very difficult to duplicate.

My businesses are now fueled by leadership, people, and systems. Infusing these three tenets into your business model can be game-changing for growth and lasting success.

Leadership means imparting the vision, being precise with your team’s role, and cutting them loose to execute their objectives. Show your team you trust them (which starts by trusting yourself), and let them develop into key players in your organization.



I have definitely found myself working 7 days a week, feeling out of control, unsustainable.

And I have to step back and say, yes, I’m doing the hard work now (and that’s great – suffer now to make the future better), but people genuinely run themselves into dehydration trying to do everything for their families.
I don’t know your situation or your answer, but I know that we all need to take a step back and see what we can unload from our plate – because being the linchpin can break you. What can you do to create the family of your dreams?