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S5-Ep290 - Medicine Day

October 13, 2019


 I want to take some time out of podcasting schedule to perform a physical. More like a checkup. A checkup on your knowledge of things related to children and sickness.

Because I know that all of us have had a kid come down with a fever and then wonder how many days we’ll let it go on before we take them to the doctor.

 What’s the standard line on fevers for children ~5-6 years old? Do you know?

   In healthy kids, not all fevers need to be treated. High fever, though, can make a child uncomfortable and make problems (such as dehydration) worse.

Ok, first thing. A fever over 102.2 (remember the rhyming twos there to see if it sticks. A fever over 102.2 – time to call the doc.   And note here, that should probably be an oral, rectal or under armpit measurement. temporal isn’t as accurate.

Fever under 102.2? It may be an issue still. Here are some additional pieces of info which may require you to call the doc. Note this list isn’t inclusive and I’m not a doctor. Call a doctor if you have concerns. I’ll reference where I got my information from in our show notes.

  • Refusing fluids. Problem.
  • Lasting diarrhea or vomiting. Problem.
  • Problem.
  • Specific complaint – like sore throat, ears, etc. Problem.
  • For kids over 2 – a fever after 72 hours. Problem.
  • Problem (except for my kids – who get quite a few rashes and the doc is like – yup. Not sure about those.) A majority are eczema, but still.

Again, those are call the doc issues. Get emergency care for things that are worse, such as headaches. Blue lips, nails, stiff necks, sluggishness, limpness. Again – not inclusive.


That’s it for today, we hope we brought this back into your memory banks. If you’re like me, you’ve been told all this before, but it’s good to have refreshers. We’ll catch you back here, tomorrow.