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S5-Ep289 - Science Day

October 12, 2019

Today we can teach you to be a magician to your child. And in the end they may learn something about science. Or at a minimum, be enthralled by science so that when they get to the periodic table later in life they might have a chance of getting past it without falling asleep.

 Not a science person? We can help with these following ideas.

Here’s what you’ll need: Wool clothing works best, (though varying fabrics have varying affects). And an inflated balloon. Preferable a rubber balloon.

   Actually, this is a foolproof way to get your kid to look up to you. If the science experiment works – you’ve done magic. If it fails, well, my kids would be stoked to have a balloon.

Here’s how: Have your child rub the balloon on a wool sweater, scarf, hat, etc. Have them count to 20 while they do this. Here’s what’s happening at this moment: You’re creating static electricity by taking the negative electrons from the wool (a good giver of electrons) and they are hovering all around the outside of the balloon.

   Then run a steady, slow stream of water from the sink and have them hold the balloon close to the water without touching it.
  You’ll see that the water ‘bends’ toward the balloon.  

  All those negative electrons on the balloon are attracting the protons of the water molecules. Opposites attract. And you’ve shown that electromagnetism is a force that is real.