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S5-Ep285 - Gary V Advice Part 2

October 8, 2019


 Yesterday we talked about Gary V and timeless advice. Do the hard work. Always timeless. Now I want to add a disclaimer here about that. I’m not talking about doing hard work that is work for works sake. Taking a molehill and making a mountain out of it is not the point. But at some point you’ll need to put down the phone or cancel plans with your friends if deep down you know this is what your kid needs. That’s the hard work.

The real guts of today’s episode is about Gary’s specific advice on parenting. Now is Gary a great parent – I have no clue. But the guy has a real knack for cutting to the chase. For getting to the point and for nailing the hard things that we need to do as opposed to the fluff. 

 What’s he say?

   I focus in on three things that he said in this interview, I believe with an Australian mom podcasting duo. I’ll link the transcript in our show notes. Show notes available on our website or on YouTube – I put them on there because I think it’s a great central and accessible location for everything.


GaryVee s says Teenagers are disconnecting from their parents because their parents are doing it wrong. Parents are parenting based off of what the judgement from other parents is/will be.

And while I may not know anything about teenagers, I do see parents doing things based off the judgement of other parents. Self Confidence for parents is key. You have to be able to able to put your kids long term as the focus. You have to be able to put yourself second … and that’s impossible for a lot of people if putting yourself second means appearing less cool in the social circles. Try.


He says you need to listen. - zero judgements. -- pure love, teaching empathy, compassion. Then after you build an infrastructure around what they are (/what they are good at etc).

                I think this is great. And now is the time to do it. When our kids are young and don’t have a bad bone in their body – love, compassion is easier. And we need to listen – which means we need to be asking our kids. What to ask them – everything and anything. Pepper them with questions.


                 Tactics are great but only if you believe it. Otherwise it's fake.

                To me, this one’s about all the parenting hacks you read online – They all claim to shortcut the process and get you the result. Gary V nails it here – yea if you believe in the long term goal; cool. Otherwise you’re fake.

                Gary finishes off saying “my 5y/o has a recital next Friday and I want to be there - I will not be there.

That's real. But I don't beat myself up.

Put your kid in the best position to have a healthy successful life - that is not attending every recital.