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S5-Ep283 - 3 Things to do with Your Child Today (April)

October 6, 2019

 Something strange just happened all across the country – children everywhere were excited to be out of school. Parents everywhere groaned. It was spring break. At least that’s how I sort of viewed it. Of course I wasn’t one of those families who went somewhere and happily posted warm weather photos of them and their happy kids doing happy things. I toiled away on a house repair project while at the same time watching a 3 and 5 year old.  I needed some help.

 But my old friend – the to-do list was helpful at least. And I had a list of about 6 or 7 things that I could pull out in times of need. So if you’re worn out and out of ideas, here’s this month’s delivery. 3 things to do with your child today.

  1. Go to the web. Search for printable mazes. And find some that are your kid’s level. My 3 year old took a while to get the concept, and I had to walk him through it. Luckily there are all types. What clicked for him was “roads” that you had to drive on to get the car to the home. Without that concept, he gladly just crossed all the maze lines to the goal. Done. Easy he thought. My five year old found some interesting where you had to maze your way through but hit all the numbers in order along the way. It was neat to see them experience something for the first time, yet again. I think it expanded their brains – it’s a wide world out there.
  2. Have your children do whatever you do. I say this, even though a lot of the time we’re asking them to go play so we can make dinner, fold laundry, or finish our favorite show. I say this because even when you think what your doing has no place for kids, and will double your effort; kids love it. Today I took my kids into the crawlspace with me to work on something. Sure did double the time to get them ready, and use their headlamps, etc, etc. But they really loved it. They loved being part of it. A lot of us said we wouldn’t be slowed down by kids – well prove it – take them wherever you are going.
  3. Tell your kids - no have them repeat: I am strong, I am beautiful, I can become somebody.

Yea, make a song out of it, sing it, dance it, scream it if you have a crazy one. I think mornings are great to start them out on the right foot this way, but you do you. Have them say it with you; I am strong, I am beautiful, I can become somebody.