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S5-Ep282 - A look ahead

October 5, 2019

 New! Improved! Comes in three new colors!   Ok, we’re not new and improved but I wanted to take a few minutes and talk about what we can look forward to. What episodes are coming up and what you may be able to think about, read – in your everyday news browsing, and remember. Then when we talk about it in the next month, you’ll have some input.

   In the next month I want to have a mini series on education. I want to touch on what Bill Gates has accomplished and what he’s failed at in trying to transform education.

I want to talk about morality and how the perspective of morality has completely changed over the last 50 years. – That right there is crazy in and of itself. How does right and wrong change so much, so fast? We’ll talk about it.

I have an episode titled, 57% of people identify as this. And you’ll have to check back in to see what ‘that’ is.

And I want to talk about James’ Clear’s 4 burners theory. The ideas is that you are a stove – with 4 burners. And you only have enough gas to keep 3 of those 4 going. Which 3 will you focus on?
So come back this month, develop a habit to listen, get some good ideas on parenting and let the knowledge come to you. We love to help.


And tomorrow’s episode will be our monthly series – Three things to do with your kids today.

We’re always aiming to provide actionable advice and we hope that at least one idea will spark something in you. If you have a friend or colleague who could use the help, like we could,  please share it with them. We’d really appreciate it.