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S5-Ep281 - Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned

October 4, 2019

 This past week was a tough one. Only from a work perspective, luckily. But it was tough. As I say on this channel – we’re real people giving real, front line advice. What works for us, may work for you, but listen, process it, try it, and see if it works. And the benefits to “real” advice are many, but the downside is that sometimes we all run ourselves down and don’t leave much for our wife and kids?

 So what to do, what to say when you get home from work exhausted and have nothing to give?

   Well, while I was on this week’s business trip, we finally connected on facetime on Thursday or so. And my kid asked me how my day was. And I thought for a minute: Do I say it was great and placate him? Do I be honest? And I said, you know buddy, sometimes the days don’t work out like you expect them to and it doesn’t go well. And he seemed to accept that.

  Sometimes we have to deal out a little truth, but in ways they can handle, and hope that it aids to the humility that we’re hoping to teach.

  Keeping the advice short today: Sometimes there are times when the house is a wreck, the husband is gone for the week, and we’re tired as hell. All I can say is keep trying. Do the best you can.

We hang on in these times when it’s rough seas. And when the seas calm down, we work on becoming better people, make ourselves into a better vessel. Because better vessels handle rougher seas better too.

  And as I was leaving the hospital I was working at this past week, a medical helicopter was coming in. And I said, as I often do when I see medical helicopters. “Yup, that person is having a worse day than me.” Keep perspective. Keep trying.