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S5-Ep277 - P4) Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference

September 30, 2019

From http://www.marcandangel.com/2017/05/07/sharing-these-20-truths-with-your-child-could-change-their-life/


 Day 4 in the platitude series. I like these platitudes because they cross the line. They cross the line between being fluffy and being meaningful. They cross the line between being about improving us as parents, and improving our kids as well. So listen and decide for yourself.

 Today’s episode is on attitude. That totally human, thing, that we have trouble controlling, but often makes the difference no matter the situation we’re presented with. When  you say the word attitude and then say your child’s name: You think of a pernicious kid, or a cherub child, or something. But something comes to mind – attitudes are defining. And therefore important.

                Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. – If you want to be effective in life, you can’t base your attitude on how things are.  Instead, you have to choose your attitude so it supports and expresses the way you wish to be.  It’s not about expecting the best to always happen, but instead accepting whatever happens and then making the very best of it.  Truly, most of our long-tern frustration and stress comes from the way we respond and react to circumstances, not the circumstances themselves.  Learn to adjust your attitude, and all that extra frustration and stress is gone.  Practice this in your own life, so your child can witness the results firsthand.


There are times when our kids head off to a normal day of kindergarten or 1st or 2nd grade, and are a little hesitant to leave their parent’s side. One strategy is to say, “You are brave, and whatever happens today, I believe you can handle it.”   This works because it’s “accepting whatever happens and then making the very best of it." And it reinforces their belief that they are brave and they can handle it – all because we told them that they could. In that moment, that’s the story they’re building inside their heads. And that’s the way to do it. Teach a man to fish, you know.
OK, that’s it for today, we really appreciate you listening, we totally hope we’re helping, and it’s no fun to go at this alone, so share this podcast with a friend and discuss it over a long text message session.