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S5-Ep271 - Bigger Trips Will Come.

September 24, 2019

 I have a list of vacation ideas. Vietnam, Malaysia, Australian outback, Iceland, Rome. The Grand Canyon, Long Beach California, and many, many others. And of course, I don’t have the time or money to do such a list, but my point is that parents dreams can often be limited by our children. The phrase, “bigger trips will come” has popped up a few times over the years.

 So how do we balance this personal wanderlust with our children’s routines?

   Well, search the internet for your desired answer and you shall find it. There will be parents who work full time jobs, who happily post Instagram stories of them jetting off to Singapore and imply that you are weak if you let your kids slow you one bit. There are other parents who say you should homeschool them and spend every moment homesteading to teach your child.

The reality is in between for all of us, but I tend to believe that children younger than 6 get no real benefit from going to Iceland. And that’s sad because I want to go to Iceland!

But being an adult is limiting the voices in our head. And those voices often talk us into things that WE want to do, not what’s best for our child.

And there’s a parallel here. Yes, I wanted to get out my philosophy, (and you can agree or not, I don’t care) that young children don’t need to see the Grand Canyon, but there’s a life lesson on enjoying what’s in front of you instead of struggling to get to the edge of your vacation comfort zone.
When my men were little, like 2, I used to take them on the free city bus around town. We did this every few months, and to them, it did not get old. They liked watching the world go by just as much as seeing the awe of the Grand Canyon. And I tried to teach myself to sit back, and enjoy the ride.