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S5-Ep269 - Modern Migrants vs the Intuit

September 22, 2019


  I was sent an article about intuit parenting the other day. I will link the article in the show notes, available on youtube or on our website. And it was fascinating in a space alien sort of way. First, the premise of the article was that intuit parents don’t ever yell. In fact they don’t ever really get mad. “Frustration, or irritation was considered weak.”  The anthropologist goes on to say, “children are …  upset about something, and you have to figure out what it is.” And they “saw yelling at a small child as demeaning. It's as if the adult is having a tantrum; it's basically stooping to the level of the child, Briggs documented.”

This is fascinating, like watching aliens live, because it’s so radically different from the world we live in today.

 So can we, modern migrants, actually be helped by these extra-terrestrial parents?

   I say no, and yes.

First, no – we are never going to be perfect – and I actually think what the intuits are doing here is perfect. We have a lot of new listeners, thank you for joining up, so most won’t know that at the very beginning of the series, we gave you the answer; the one answer for parenting. I’ll let you go back and find it and listen, but this echos that. If I could not react, that would be great – but I’m not perfect so I can’t do it.

Well, that’s the “No”. The Yes – this can help – goes back a dozen or so episodes to talk about the 1 in 100 philosophy. Take this article as 1/100th of our parenting bible. Don’t put all our stock in it, but let us guide us. And there are a few lessons that I think can alter our parenting path toward a better future.

First- the article goes on to say that these indigenous people, have parenting classes. Which group of people would you think have a meet-up and get education and instruction on parenting? The modern millennial? Or the people who live on the tundra in tents in the summer? It’s the latter. So lesson one – try.

Lesson two – Storytelling. But before we can fully tell that story – well, enjoy some time with your little ones today, see if you can practice a moment of ‘not showing anger or yelling” and then come back for lesson two tomorrow.