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S5-Ep266 - Raising Respectful Kids in a Rude World

September 19, 2019

 A little ‘behind the scenes’ here; This episode is my review of a book. But not really the whole book, like you might expect. It’s from the ‘short description’ of the book. You know that one that used to be on the dustjacket that people would read at bookstores, trying to decide if this book was worth their time? And they’d put it back on the shelf if it didn’t meet the expectation of the reader. But in today’s world, these descriptions are more often found on the item’s Amazon page. You probably didn’t even realize you were getting a book synopsis by reading it.

 But can we really learn enough about a book from its 3 sentence description? Can we really understand the guts? Can we get the most benefit?

No. We can’t get the most benefit, but we can get a lot. Maybe even more than half. And that’s a good return on investment of my time. A lot of benefit in 3 short sentenes.
Let’s use the book “ Raising Respectful Kids in a Rude World:- by Gary D McKay.”

Nobody likes rude kids. But you love your children and want them to be liked and appreciated for who they are. Your challenge as a parent is to raise respectful children who in turn deserve respect. So how can you develop caring and courteous children in this individualistic and often crass world? By creating an atmosphere of mutual respect, the foundation for effective human relationships.’

Here it is – that last sentence. The answer. “By creating an atmosphere of mutual respect, the foundation for effective human relationships.”   So all we have to do is do things that foster that. Of course it’s easy to read and hard to implement, but this is part of the puzzle and a work is required. Everything worth doing – is hard. Tomorrow we’ll try to recommend a few specific ways to make this mutual respect happen.