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S5-Ep262 - The goals of misbehavior (Part 5)

September 15, 2019

 This is the last episode on the goals of misbehavior. Maybe there are more, maybe not, I don’t have a direct line to the author, but what I do have is one last item which is critical if it’s something your kid exhibits. To begin with, a lot of parents feel despair, But this hopelessness should be deeper or more often. If you end up agreeing with your child that nothing more can be done then you may be there.

But also, you child would passively respond, or fail to respond to whatever is done.

I hope this is rare. Most of the children I know still have that zest for life and love tackling whatever comes at them that day. I was able to think of an example that I’ve heard of others going through though and that’s a child who tries sports, but quits the second that they don’t succeed to the level they expect themselves to. 

  What would you do in this type of situation? Especially if it’s been going on most of their lives, and you’re worn down and having a bad day? Yea – sometimes the answers seem easy behind a computer screen but  they’re hard in that situation.

   These children may be suffering from a display of inadequacy. Even if only in certain situations. This faulty belief is that they belong only by convincing others not to expect anything from me. I am unable. I am helpless.

That can be frustrating, in the case of the sports tryouts, or very serious if it’s most of the time. But in these cases Gary D. McKay says what I think would be obvious and that’s to have some compassion. Stop all criticism (which may be where you go if you have a child that’s lost). Encourage any positive attempt, no matter how small. Above all don’t be hooked into pity and don’t give up.