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S5-Ep257 - What Should I Eat?

September 10, 2019

 Kids eating healthy food is something that no one can disagree with. We love our kids, we want the best for them, and healthy food is something that every parent wants for their child. Of course the definition of healthy food, and the balance between real life, other priorities, and the overwhelming nature of it all generally pins us all down at times and cause hot dogs to be eaten. And if life was as easy as wanting it – and it appears – there would be no need for anyone to listen to me. Luckily life is hard, and we all need some help.

 Today’s help is attempting a viewpoint change. A change on how you view mealtimes.

   Again – our pseudo motto – listen – try – evaluate for yourself and if you don’t agree, cool with me.

Here’s my perspective: When most people get hungry they ask themselves, “What should I eat”.  At least that’s what you probably tell yourself because it opens the door to choices – healthy or bad for you – a lot or a little – hot or cold.  But I don’t think that is what’s going on in your mind. I think that the common mind says, “What sounds good to my tastebuds/what am I craving?”. And the answer is almost always going to be something bad for you. Bad food overwhelms our tastebuds, and sugar has been proven to cause you to crave it more. So next time the hangry starts up – ask, “what on this menu is healthy – and which of those sounds appetizing”. That’s really what you want your kids to do to, so pay attention to this dichotomy. If you ask your kids to eat their vegetables, but leave them on your plate at restaurants; well, you have your answer. And if we experience the same thing as our kids, at least on occasion, we start to see life through their eyes, and not our powerful ones. Because when you’re a kid getting parents ‘guidance’ all the time, you start to feel like you’re getting bossed all the time, and most parents don’t even know they’re doing all the bossing and none of the experiencing. So be a boss of a parent and next time dinner out rolls around, give your child options for dinner that are both healthy and sounds good to eat –be sure to tell them that – tell them why you’re picking those options – they’re healthy and sound good to eat – that’s what adults do.