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S5-Ep255 - Try, Test, Repeat – Makes it Easier?

September 8, 2019

  A lot of famous people have issued their directions for success. Sheryl Sandberg has said it her way in “lean In” when she says “Sit at the table”. This is the try part – she says take the opportunity, even if you don’t feel qualified. And you may not feel qualified as a parent because there are many situations you simply cannot prepare for.

Side story – As a guiding light for those ‘I never pictured having to do this’ parenting times, those are the moments why we should all spend time becoming self-aware about our guiding principles, because without them, we’re just blowing in the wind. With guiding principles we can at least have our sail up for the windstorm.

Anyway, other youtubers, business magnates, and travelling vagabonds say the same thing. It’s not a ladder to success – it’s a jungle gym. There are a lot paths to success.

 My question to you is will you ‘try, test, and repeat’? Preferably on a daily basis.

   These little course corrections or stepping stones can lead to some pretty great heights. And control over our situations should then relax us, right? According to one high capacity businessman with his own book, he said, “When I did it better, the struggle never became easier ... If you get better at anything in life, generally through trying, failing, learning, developing a plan to do it better, and executing that plan, you will naturally take on bigger challenges.”

                So this podcast is here for you, to keep coming up with ideas, and we need you, no the world needs you to keep on trying. And trying is hard, so pick tiny little things each day and work on those. Rome wasn’t built in a day.