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S5-Ep247 - 4 Weird Parenting Habits that Work (Part 1)

August 31, 2019

 Despite the buzzfeedy title, I thought this article hit on a few topics that are great. And I’m all about bringing up the truths of parenting, the times we are sick of our kids, the times when we fail them, the times when they actually follow through on something right before you were going to give up on it.

Credit to the author Kirsten Eamon-Shine for this article.  Check our show notes (on our website – www.theparentingfastcast.com ).

 Now, spoiler alert – there are actually 4 things in the article, so you’ll have to tune in tomorrow for the other two, and to see if you’re “weird” like the title says.

  The first “weird” habit that works is narrating.

Now, first this article is skewed more toward the 3 year old crowd – or at least does the most good with the 3 year olds, and it’s as applicable to this season 5 (for parenting of 5 year olds). But it’s still good in the right place, so let’s figure out the right place for narration. Because children learn by watching us, anytime your child is intently watching, or interested, you could probably be chatting more. Chat up little things, like I’m measuring the flour out so I don’t make this bread too dense, and “I’m preparing the pan for later when I’ll need it”.  This information may appear clear to you, but I can almost guarantee that even your 5 year old doesn’t know why you measure things out for cooking. If you doubt me at all – just ask them. Questions are also good. Good at proving that your preconceptions were wrong.


The second weird habit she writes about is pretending & playing along. Now play with your child has probably evolved quite a bit since age three – to now. And thank the Lord for that. But I remember a lesson a while back which said, when you’re playing with your kids, ask them questions. When they hand you a fake coffee while you’re playing house, ask them whether they heated it up or if it’s cold coffee. And you want to let them drive the play as well. Be reactive. Science-wise, it allows them to follow their passions, learn decision making skills, and discover new things.

Check back with us tomorrow and we’ll cover a few more.