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S5-Ep245 - 3 Things to do with Your Child Today (Feb 2019)

August 29, 2019

 This past week was practically Christmas for our family. And I don’t mean that we all gave each other gifts; though children are great at sharing one thing. And only one thing, because they suck at sharing toys, clothes, food, sanity, mom, But they are good at sharing germs, and that’s one things my son and I shared over break. A nice cough. It was Christmas around our house because it was a very long break from school. It wasn’t intended to be, but a snow day here, a teacher work day there, and boom, 6 days off school.

 And there was not perfect parenting going on, I’ll just start with that, but I did come up with plenty of things to do with my kids that weren’t just sending them to go out and play in the snow. Here’s what I did, maybe you can add or subtract an idea, and if you were looking for ways to connect with your child, we have you covered.

   The first one was “read me a book”. This is turning out to be really neat; this reading thing. Sure there are a lot of questions about words and signs in the real world, but the flip side is that at home, he will sit and mumble to himself for a few minutes. I say, amp this up a bit and if you’re working on a task like dinner or laundry where you can listen, but not have to engage – that’s the perfect time to engage. In fact, you get to show interest in your child’s activities, all for the low price of listening. This goes a long way in the “my parents care about me” department.

The second thing is stretch. Or exercise if you prefer. But simple things like stretching is simply getting the body moving and that’s the point we want to get across to our kids. Movement feels good and builds positive memories when we do it together. My kid’s exercises are squats. Toe touches. And some downward dog.  I’m big on the 80’20 priciple, where in this case, you’re getting 80% of the benefits by doing 20% of the work. Stretches are easy, but your enforcing so many good lessons.

Third, while driving one day, we started counting. If you kid has got 0-50 down, start asking them to count by evens. Then odds. Then a few additions and subtractions.
And if any of these don’t work for you, I say that you kindly tell them to entertain themselves, because you’ve done your best work by listening to this podcasts and having some quality ideas. The rest – is up to them.