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S5-Ep241 - Make Some Memories Today

August 25, 2019

 A snowstorm hit the other day. And I had come in the night before to 6” or so, and rallied my car through the berm created at the roadside, and drove down the driveway, and parked it. I rested knowing that another 10” was on the way and I’d get up and snowblow it all in the morning. And I did, and with 16” on the ground, it was taking a while, so I wanted to get it done. But I talked myself down and asked myself what the kids wanted and kids are pretty simple at this age – They wanted to help. So as painful as it was to stop, I went and got some ear muffs and plopped them on my kid and we walked down the drive at a fairly slow pace and snow-blowed.

And there are quite a few memories of me helping my father that are stuck in the memory bank as well. I don’t know if that’s because they’re really impressionable moments or what I’m thinking of right now, but I’d venture to guess that a majority of our most imprinted memories are of our interactions with people. The people that are the “many” the “close” and the “Powerful” as I talked about in an earlier episode. And in raising girls, which I admittedly have no clue about, I would say do the same, give them the knowledge, the power of driving the big snowblowing (or lawnmowing, or whatever) machine this year.

So make some memories today. Or as I usually say, get in the habit of making memories. Let them help you on something. If you’re a visual person, reward yourself by taking out your phone and snapping a picture. I wish I could have had a photo of my 5 year old today when he was done helping and I got down on a knee and I asked him if he enjoyed it and man o man, that smile. Authentic. A great age. A great memory.