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S5-Ep240 - Downtimes aren’t a dress rehearsal

August 24, 2019

 I took my son to Hockey practice, as I usually do, and it was the normal 10-15 minute get dressed routine. I had to get my son focused a few times as 5 year olds have a way of looking at the world as it’s new. Probably because it is. And I have to remind myself of that a lot when I’m in a hurry or want them to walk faster. But overall – normal day. And third of the parents leave. And a third pull out there phones. And the other third talk amongst themselves. 

 But it’s the parents with smaller kids, younger siblings, that have to be entertained for an hour that I get the most interest out of watching. And what I get from a lot of these parents with the younger siblings, is that they don’t want to parent.

 Some of the kids are running amok, mainly the chatting people. And most, to all, of the people there probably don’t care that there is a 2 year old running around. I really don’t. But life is not a dress rehearsal. And in this moment of downtime, when no-one cares ---- no one cares. When the next shift of skaters comes in, in 15 minutes, there will be bags and sticks and doors and tight spaces. And that’s when people will care when a 2 year old decides he wants to see what’s on the other side of that door. And the other side is snow and a parking lot. It’s for those moments that I make sure my kids aren’t running amok. Those downtimes, to me, aren’t a dress rehearsal. Because you never know when ‘real life’ is going to happen, when that child decides to explore, or a fire alarm goes off.­ And kids for certain don’t know what’s a dress rehearsal and what those moments are when you want to impress someone and your kids just won’t listen. Parenting is a full time job, that a lot of people want to take coffee breaks from. Even while toting around a 2 year old. And unfortunately it’s the parents with multiple kids that give it a bad name. The parents of one – over attentive. And the parents of multiples – indifferent. That middle ground is what you kid needs. A tether – and eye on them, but allowed to look and learn and interact where safe.