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S5-Ep233 - Then Mind

August 17, 2019

 Yesterday we talked “Body First” and said that if we don’t take care of our body then the pyramid that we’re building on has a poor foundation and it’ll make the other things for a happy life harder. First, I want to say I worked out for almost 15 years, and then took 4 off while I raised some children. I get it. Judgement free zone if you’re in that window too. But knowledge is power and we hope to help you here.

 So after body, then mind.

   And I’m not talking learning a second language or those brain training websites. That is actually another episode. No – the Mind is more about mental health. And this is becoming more clear as I struggle through winters and the darkness of it. And it’s becoming more clear as I see more and more people affected.
And this is about the only case where I’d appreciate having a psychologist on board, because all I can really tell you is to practice mindfulness, whatever the hell that means, and do some reading, and mediate daily which I’ve never done in my life, except for maybe one birth class with my wife.  But keeping on top of your mental health, whatever your issue is  --- and we all have something – don’t let anyone fool you, keeping on top of it is a priority because you don’t want to be that rich lottery winner who has lost it all because they basically went crazy – and we definitely don’t want to do that – without even winning the lottery – which is just saying – normal people have issues too.

And parenting wise – Just keep on the lookout for some of the signs in our kids as well:

Signs include:

Persistent aggression


Hyperactivity or fidgeting

Constant worry or anxiety

Well finish up – tomorrow where we figure out if after all this mind body work – we can indulge a litte:

And a final note: I want to thank you for being on board and taking us with you wherever or whatever type of parent you are. We appreciate it!