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S5-Ep232 - Body First

August 16, 2019

 New Year New Me!  I mean, I sort of jumped on this bandwagon. Sure it was mid December when I started to Podcast. It was technically last October when I started doing running again. But overall I’m happy that I’ve created, and stuck with some good habits. It has enabled other things in my life.

-Detour here – Good habits are more than just motivation, so if you get to the end of this episode and feel like you have that final push to take care of your body, don’t. Get your habits built up that can sustain this first.

-Back on the path here. So now I want to transition into Mr. Money Mustache and why he’s important to the next part of this.

The quick story on Mr. Money Mustache is that he’s one of the original FIRE movement guys. If you don’t know what FIRE stands for, Google and we’ll see you tomorrow after you’re done with that rabbit hole.  Otherwise, he is a parent, he’s in his mid-thirties, but he’s technically retired. Which means he still works, but on what he wants to.  

 So why do I bring him up? 

   Because he’s really an expert on happiness, and taking care of yourself and your time when you have a lot of life to go, and a lot of time to spend how you want.

He says, “Physical health first”. And this is important because plenty of rich people with no need to work have gone off the deep end of drugs, alcohol, and mental problems. Here’s a guy explaining how not to do that.

He says, “Your brain, and the rest of your body is just a system of meat and tubes.” “The whole system will only perform well if you place its wellbeing first. Before anything else. Salads and barbells every day.” (pause)

Now my analogy: I liken it to a car. Even if the engine is strong; if the suspension is weak, there’s a good chance it breaks down while taking you somewhere. 

And finally, on parenting. This is why we need to keep our kids active and building healthy physical habits. Sure, we can make them play outside all the time, and they’d be happy to do it. But teach a man to fish you know – keep in mind that it’s important to teach them that healthy activities enable them to do other things, like focus in school, and sleep well at night. I’m going to tell my kids that today; I’d recommend you do the same.

Ok, we’ll cover MMM’s habits that follow physical health – tomorrow.