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S5-Ep231 - Scheduling Parties – And Downtime

August 15, 2019

 Yesterday we talked the craziness that is kids’ birthday parties; whether it’s at bowling alleys, or jump centers, or a local restaurant. Add in cake, and one older kid into the mix and you have a recipe for some yelling, jumping, and a whole lot of running.

For my kid, getting this kind of stimulation is important. He has a brother, and they get plenty crazy, but our house isn’t so crazy. It’s got a fairly low energy.  

  But how do kids learn to come down from this over stimulation?

   And I think the answer is practice.

Now I bet that the ‘pre-kid’ you would have had a lot of answers to “What will you practice with your boy or girl when you have one?”. Catching a baseball, some gymnastics or sommersaults. Tying shoes. But no one ever thinks they’ll practice coming down off of friend fueled sugar highs.

But I think they need to. I think that we, as parents, need to schedule coming home afterwards, and “letting them figure it out for themselves” They need to remind themselves how to entertain themselves after that.

Because life will be full of stimulation as adults. TV Commercials. Stressful work days. Beers with friends and riveting conversations. And we have to keep ourselves in check as adults, and the best way is to have done it. So I say have a blast at your next birthday party, but when it’s over, head home; keep the tv off, send them to their room, or just tell them to have fun and play. And see what happens next.