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S5-Ep230 - The Kids Rule the Bowling Alley

August 14, 2019

 I was at a birthday party over the weekend, and it was at a bowling alley. It was a small bowling alley, 6 lanes wide, so probably not the mega one you might be thinking of. And it has space for a few tables behind the lanes, and a side area where there are arcades, as well as your typical bar. The place is pretty popular with birthday parties, and this day there were 2 going on side by side.

  So when we stepped away from our lanes to eat cake and snacks, I noticed two kids, probably 6 and 4 which had taken up bowling on one of the two lanes that we were on.

 But I am pretty good about putting myself in other people’s shoes over the years, and I naturally thought to myself; What would I be doing if those were my kids? Would I let my kids just walk over to another person’s lane and play?

   And the answer is a clear no. Never in a million years would I want to use something that other people are paying for. So I thought, well the parents must not be watching, they’ll notice soon. And sure enough, the father (I never did see the mother), did notice … and he came over and promptly decided to bowl with his kids.

And he continued to do this even as me and my kids walked up and bowled on the lane beside him.

So I don’t know. Case of mistaken birthday party – I don’t think so.

And it just went crazier from there.  Over the hours it just got louder and louder and by the end the kids were just running everywhere. No regard for adults or chairs in their way.

All of these things are over my line in the sand – when my kid makes adults walking by dodge the kids – then I’ve had enough. And when they were jumping on the booth seats, that’s also tearing up the bowling alley’s stuff. So I understand that kids with birthday cake are kids, but come on people – don’t let your kids rule the bowling alleys!

Where’s your line in the sand when out in public?