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August 12, 2019  

S5-Ep228 - 3 Things to do with Your Child Today

August 12, 2019

 I always like to try to help with actionable advice.

 And today I want to offer up 3 things that you can do with your Child today. Now I don’t know what motivation you need: A giggling child. A sense of accomplishment at the end of task or before bedtime, or rewarding yourself with some Netflix should you get these done – pick what works for you, but tell yourself that you can do it; tell yourself to stay engaged with however long these take – and not check your phone in the middle. And if they take 20 minutes – great, give yourself some time afterward. But you may just get really into it and find yourself heading to bed not realizing where the time went.


  • Play the matching game. The most simple is to get a pack of cards and line them up in a pattern. This is actually teaching and you didn’t even know it. Start by having them line up 3 wide and 3 tall. Then count them. Then count the bottom 3, then the middle 3. 3+3=6. Then 6 plus three = 9. And then just end with the statement that 3 rows of 3 is 9; the number we just added to. And leave it at that. You’re not here to teach multiplication, but one of these days, should you keep doing things like this, it will click.

    1. Ok, now build on the pattern. 4x4 (no need to work on adding or math here), just get the cards to about 7x7 and the rest wherever.
    2. And try to get matches. If you don’t get a match then turn them back over and it’s the next person’s turn.
  • Ask these questions. How did you help somebody today? How did somebody help you today?
    1. These important because a lot of people get focused on serving others. Most of the time they think this is the way to becoming a better person. To be selfless is a virtue – so we’ve been told. But being able to accept help is a learned trait too. And you may not be accepting help from the person you gave help to – but this teaches the circle of life (sorry that sounds so cliché), but it really is it. We are social creatures who help some, and get helped, and life comes full circle.
  • Tickle time.
    1. This physical contact is pure love. Kids who get too many kisses or hugs, and pull back because it’s “too much” physically feel this, and they don’t forget it.