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August 10, 2019  

S5-Ep226 - ‘Toxic’ Advice

August 10, 2019

 I want to summarize yesterday’s podcast for anyone who wasn’t able to catch it. It’s a good one, so I’d recommend going back and listening to all 3 minutes of it, but it was that there’s a body of evidence for piling you plate with fruits and vegetables, (and I’ll throw in whole grains and nuts in there too). Just pile the plates high with them. There’s a whole body of scientific reasoning out there that supports this, no matter what McDonald’s says.

But today I wanted to cover a list of other dos and don’ts, some of which are food related, but all will fall into the household related.

 These are easy things, the low hanging fruit, which could help reduce your child’s environmental exposure to toxins. Again, just a list if you were looking for ways to improve. I’m not judging you on what you do or don’t. Just keep an open mind:


  • (FOOD) Buy fresh produce in season. Organic if possible. There’s a dirty dozen list. I’d recommend checking our show notes for it, or googling it on your own. For example, I don’t buy organic banannas or Most anything with a shell that I peel off and don’t eat. It isn’t worth it for the toxins. For the environment – maybe but we’re talking toxins today.
  • Wash produce well – kind of obvious but did you know that a lot of the germs washed away in hand washing aren’t from the soap, but from the act of running water over rubbed together hands?
  • Avoid microwaving in plastic containers. Something has to be happening when you burn this stuff in the micro.
  • Barbeque in moderation. Charring food isn't good. And probably worse for smaller humans.
  • (HOME) Minimuze pesticide use.
  • Wash insect repellent off after kids come inside.
  • Test for radon. This is something we did recently. And now we are working on a fix for it, but knowledge is power.