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August 9, 2019  

S5-Ep225 - Food: What’s healthy and What’s Not

August 9, 2019

 I thought we’d continue on the ‘food train’ and since this is a self limited podcast, I try not to babble on and on about all the nuances of which plastics are bpa friendly and which yogurts are the least processed. I do try to condense all the information I have down into a really reasonable level.

 Why believe me on nutrition?

  First, I’ve read a lot. I’ve tried to find scientific research on various ‘health topics’, and science based studies on foods. Second, I try to give a weight of about 1% to any study I read. This means you need 100 studies before you can really see a 100% view of a picture on health or nutrition, or exercise, or medicine. And that’s good, because you start to develop a “body of work”. In the nutrition and the medicine sciences, there’s never been a study that has proved without a shadow of a doubt that cigarettes will kill you. Isn’t that amazing. Never has a study proven this. This isn’t physics, where a ball thrown in the air comes down. But there’s a body of evidence which says you’re more likely to die of lung cancer when you smoke than non-smokers. And we believe this because there have been so many studies which say it’s “likely” to be true.

So a body of evidence is multiple people, and likely multiple generations of work, and that’s really powerful to me. And the body of evidence that I see: I can boil it down for you in two words: Fruits and Vegetables.

Yes, this was a long way to lead you to try to get some more vegetables on your kid’s plate. But that’s all it is a lot of times. It’s the offering of foods (and the no thank you bites) we talked about in step one (Episode 43) and the preparation we all need to have (Ep 44), and the simple science revealed here; it’s getting more fruits and veggies on our plates because people are getting fooled every day, and the answer is incredibly, incredibly simple.

There is a consensus on food. (Despite what you’ve heard)