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August 8, 2019  

S5-Ep224 - Food Prep

August 8, 2019

 Today’s episode is a continuation of yesterday. Yesterday we started into food, just a little bit, and shared a trick that has worked for us. The no thank you bite.
And since our kids are fairly good eaters, we don’t judge others if they’re not, but we’ve been working on this for years at this point. Starting no thank you bites at age 3 had its challenges. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes I pushed myself to let go of the control freak in me and let it be for a night.

So let’s take the possible outcomes again and keep going.

  One option is they like the food. And they eat it. Cool. Everyone is happy. Podcasts are amazing.

Option two is your kid says he doesn’t like it and immediately asks for her go to end of meal cookie request. You’re being played.

Option 3 is they really don’t like it. Well that’s great that you’re able to interpret your child’s communication and suss this out, but now you have to come up with something. 

   And I think you can go into a few directions, but it’s all prep work. So before implementing it, let’s go through a new routine you may have implement.

The hardest thing about cooking is preparing for these scenarios, so the simplest way is to start with half a plate of food they like and add on some “experimental” foods. Some bok choy, or sprouts. Then you can fall back on the “liked” food if they need more.

Option two, if your new main meal is pretty much the whole meal, and this happens a lot in my house, where it’s pretty much the only option. Maybe there’s bread or a side veggie. The answer is to have something in your fridge that’s healthy. In our house it’s carrots and a bit of ranch. If the kids would rather eat carrots than the dinner. Cool with me. They’re allowed to eat unlimited amounts of vegetables. So keep carrots, hummus, green peppers, whole grain toast in the house. And on nights where you’ve poured your heart into a new meal, you don’t have to sweat the backup.

And if they don’t need that backup – send some carrots and peppers in their lunch tomorrow – school age kids have an amazing ability to decide if they’re hungry – they’ll eat it at school. Without other options, and without you there, they take care of their hunger.

Ok, so many good tips. We hope they helped!