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August 7, 2019  

S5-Ep223 - No Thank You Bites

August 7, 2019

 Yesterday we tried to help by giving tips on calming kids down. While I’m hoping you remember just yesterday’s episode, you may have been up since 4am this morning or something, parent-ish. But the point was NOT the essential oils that we mentioned. That was a dry joke, the point was the 1 thing. 1 thing you can see, touch, taste, smell, feel. That engages kids externally in their time of need.

Today I just wanted to share some more. Share some things that work for us. I don’t know if they’ll work for you, but as we have said before. Just try, See if it works for you. Modify if you need, or stop. That’s mindfulness. Trying, adjusting, and repeating.

 One area where we hear a lot of parents struggling is in the food department. It’s a tough thing. And all honesty here: we barely struggle with it. We have good eaters, by a lot of definitions, but that has it’s own issues too.

 If you’re struggling with getting your kid to eat more or eat better, here’s the trick that we use.

   No thank you bites. So if you set a pile of asparagus in front of your child and he looks at it with disgust. Not a problem. We ask our children to take two no thank you bites and then we can talk about something else for dinner.

Now there’s some nuance here.
First, How do I know my kid isn’t just playing me for a fool and holding out for mac and cheese? The answer is parenting. You have to decide. You know your kid best. You have to make the call whether or not their face scrunched up or remained deadpan. And some nights I’ve said ‘I’ll make you something else’ and some nights I said, “I just think you’re hungry for something else.”

And the second point is

Trying – just the act of trying – is often enough to get kids over the hump. They’ve told themselves they won’t like it, but they have no idea. And children are fairly honest and open. Let’s say it a different way: Kids don’t lie very often. If they like it. They’ll tell you and if they don’t they’ll tell you.

I want to take a minute and say, If we’ve helped you out in any way, please share with you bestie or your bro. We’d really appreciate it!

And because food is such a big topic amongst parents, I think we’ll just get back in here  … tomorrow.