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August 6, 2019  

S5-Ep222 - Calming Kids Down

August 6, 2019

  Our 5 year old can get worked up at times. I’m not always around a lot of other kids, in their natural environment, their homes, so I don’t know about yours, but I think it’s pretty common for parents to be like “Ok, are you over this yet?” “When can we move on?” And our 5 year old now says, “I can’t calm down”, and I’m not sure if it’s an excuse for continuing or what, but I think we all need some help in assisting our kids through their emotional times.

 So here are 3 things. One of which is the main point. One of which is the one thing you can do to calm your child. (at least it’s our one thing).

Now here me out, I don’t always use these. I’ve been known to do some tough love at times too where I just send my kid to a separate area to cry, but if you need to get ahold of one of these moments. Here’s what happens in our house.


First idea: “Essential Oils. Frankincense and lavender is the new time-out.” HA! False.  (There is a real website that I got this phrase from!)  We do not do this. We don’t think oils can solve polio, and we do think that they can be a nice upper class nicety to make your house smell a little fresher. I’m not sure what you think, I don’t tell you what to think, but me, I just can’t buy it. 

Idea 2: When our children were younger, singing to them worked wonders. Since we still have a 3 y/o this is still in our repertoire. Even if you singing voice isn’t good, do it. Small children love the sound of your voice. My wife has soothed a few car trips with this. It’s sweet.

Idea 3: This is it. This is ours. Credit to my wife for finding this.   When our kid is mid meldtown over a piece of toast we ask him 1 thing you can see/ 1 thing you can hear/1 thing you can touch/smell/taste. Go through these with your kid and they have no option but to engage and move their mind from internal to external. That’s the value here. Internal to external. Take it try it out, and we’ll try to help more, tomorrow.