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August 4, 2019  

S5-Ep220 - Fearlessness

August 4, 2019

 The third lesson on failing is that they will find out what they love to do.

How did you end up where you’re at today? Without being able to hear the answer, I’m going to say that a majority of us, have meandered, wandered. Tried a few things out over the years. Personally, I’ve worked plenty of restaurant shifts, valet’d cars, but I’ve also had internships at some neat companies making auto parts, bulldozers, and software. And the ability to try out different things has helped me figure out that I didn’t want to be that steel worker out in the cold, pounding cold bolts into a newly formed building. Much respect to those people, but I wanted a desk job.

 So trying things out is key. And the millennials (a group I put myself in), have come up with a fair share of fear. Fear of failure really.


But Lots of people suck at lots of things. But whoever they are – they’re probably good at something.

So I say go fail at a lot of things and figure out and continue do the things that you love. And for our kids: Let them try. And let them fail if they aren’t good at it. And support them when they do fail. Tell them that you’re proud of them trying, and ask them how they felt about it. Sometimes they may surprise you. Older kids may say, I know I came in last in that race, but I sure enjoyed it! And you can pivot them into racing RC cars instead of using their legs to race. And you can always tell them that you look up to them for their fearlessness. That fearlessness is what’s missing in a lot of people. Most of us, me especially, spend so much time protecting against failure that in the end we lose out on a key life trait.