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July 31, 2019  

S5-Ep216 - Bowling Bumper Lanes

July 31, 2019

 My five year old has been a bit more rowdy the last few months. Typical stuff really. But a departure from the more reserved, observant style that had been his previously. Now we’re onto the latest silly words picked up a school. Everything is smack. Smack this. Smacky that. You’re smacky – whatever that means. I think it’s a substitute for a potty word or phrase, and that he thinks he’s getting away with something. So that, and a lot of high pitched screaming, is what’s going on in our household. 

 And I was trying figure out how I could approach this in a different way. To get a reign on him more. To come up with a brand new solution.

   But after talking with my wife, I was reminded of a few points.

  • We have the tools to deal with this. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel, and we can fall back on some of the lessons I’ve started to share with everyone here. Be calm. Don’t get riled up when he does. Be consistent on our expectations. In the case of the screaming – and he’s totally having fun when he’s doing it – he’s just expressing it in his own way – in that case, I need to go back to an old trick, “That’s fine that you are screaming, but you’re hurting my ears – please go do that in your room”. That’s a good one for all of us control freaks out there. That screaming stuff rattles my brain, but disparaging him for it isn’t the goal (And we’ve talked about how negative that can be without even thinking it it). It’s that there’s a time and a place. And back to the past day’s “failure” episodes. So he failed – and he’s learning that he needs to go somewhere else to not fail. Just a change in location is all we need sometimes.
  • And after looking inward – realizing it’s not about keeping kids who they were – Control is futile and often no fun. But giving him the bowling bumper guards and letting him weave in his lane. As long as he’s going the right direction, we should be ok with it.