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S5-Ep209 - Mindfulness – In practice

July 24, 2019

 Yesterday we started to breach the topic of mindfulness. My conclusion was that whether it comes from the mental lessons learned during a sporting practice or from a classroom of dimmed lights and instructor led exercise – this shifting of our attention inwards for a few minutes – This is a good thing.

 Now you can find plenty of other ideas on the web of outlining your parenting priorities, with daily, weekly, monthly planners and all of that – And those are great by the way if you can put that kind of time and dedication into it – but this podcast is built for people  like us; people struggling and looking to do one thing today. And I’m here to ask you to write down one thing that’s your parenting goal. Simple, direct things – ‘get my child to yell less’, ‘get my child to not hit me when he’s mad’. (Side note, this works for any task you have on your mind as well, so use that if your brain is hyperfocusing on something else).

   And then set a time for the middle of whenever that activity is. If your goal is parenting: set a timer for mid-parenting. If you're a full time mom - this is mid day. A full time worker - this is at 7pm. When that time goes off: reflect on what your goal and how close you came to it – how did you feel about the progress, etc.

No judging yourself. This is key: this timer gets you some a few seconds, maybe a minute to do a quick recap on what worked and what didn’t. If you could have done better – great – work on it some tomorrowR.

This is actually mindfulness – it’s not a 20 minute yoga session. It’s the analysis of how it went today – without the judgement.

This is the start of mastering your thoughts and emotions. This is the start of achieving the life you want.