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S5-Ep208 - Mindfulness – to Zen or not to Zen.

July 23, 2019

  Studies suggest people who grow up poor are more susceptible getting common colds later in life. Personally I find this stuff interesting. Even if it’s only for the randomness of it. But then again, taking two dissimilar things and finding common facts about them gets news clicks online. But I intended to talk a bit about mindfulness, not the common cold. Briefly; mindfulness is just paying attention in a way that allows you to gain some insight.

Mindfulness is exponentially growing in parenting circles and private schools on each coast. For those in working families in rural areas – it may sound like hippy stuff. Whatever your belief on hippys is – is up to you, but on the science of cells (those subjects of biology class) we ignore the data at the risk of our kids. Science is fairly certain that chronic stress makes our bodies more prone to inflammation and less able to fight off infections.

 So everyone everywhere knows what the next step is  - limit stress. You don’t need a PhD for that.

  Now how you do that is where different groups of American’s believe different things. Some instruct their kids to play outside – go fish – go run. Some instruct their kids to join a sport or play piano. Some instruct their kids to do mindfulness activities.

All do the same thing – go pay attention to life and see what you can get from it. And when you do that you limit the stress of life. You gain control over your surroundings.

A lot of parents will push back on whatever form mindfulness takes. Change is hard for adults – we say, “We grew up without it and our kids should to”. But this generation also grew up with plenty of anxiety and self doubt.  And parents are going to push back super hard when they realize the truth that: What mindfulness in schools is doing is preparing your child for a test that doesn’t exist at the end of the year.
And I believe this is the best part. This mindfulness is preparing your kids for life. A life where the ability to explore an idea, an experience, or a feedback is a keys trait of many successful people. And that’s a test you can’t administer at the end of the year.