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S5-Ep206 - Maslow’s Hierarchy – The Pinnacle

July 21, 2019

 Yesterday we extended a basic 5 level pyramid into it’s second day of a podcast, and we’re going to take it into a third. A quick note, we put links out on twitter, which you can listen directly from, if that’s your thing.

 So what is this high level of parenting – this yoda level of existence?

  Self Actualization.

Maslow says that realizing your personal potential, seeking personal growth and peak experiences is the pinnacle. Also – not possible without the 4 levels of pyramid below us at this point.

And if you’re listening here – we really appreciate you. We appreciate that you are operating at this Self Actualization level. You’re seeking personal growth. And I don’t care whether that’s because you’re awesome already or wondering how to be awesome. You’re here. High Five for that.

My belief is that a lot of millennials are doing the right things – paying for experiences over stuff – willing to work in teams for the greater good – and they care about the world. But they are doing so without having all of the levels below them. They’re getting the Instagram worthy shot of them at the colosseum in Rome, but they are missing the self esteem or they’re missing the security of a steady job that underpins this happiness.

So we as parents need to plant these seeds in our children. Obviously 3 minutes won’t cover it, but maybe 3 minutes a day over the next year will help.  

  My opinion is that we, as parents, need to work on that self esteem part. And I think that we do that early in their lives (like ages 3 through 7), but reminding them that we will always love them. I think that’s the take-away from today – to say those words. Set a calendar reminder in your phone, write it in your planner, remember it if you can. Tell your kids today that there may be consequences to their actions – but you won’t stop loving them.