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S5-Ep203 - As simple as: Food, Shelter, Love?

July 18, 2019

 I often try to compare myself with other people. Now in the modern age, you’re probably thinking that I’m worrying about comparing myself with Instagram influencers, or my richest friend. But I’m kind of a back to basics guy a lot of the time. And by back to basics I mean I look backward as well as forward. I look backward and say, how do I compare to the families and fathers in the 1950s. 1900s? Civil War Era? Medieval times?

  And 99% of the time it makes me grateful for the opportunities and advancements that we have been given by previous generations. It makes me determined to continue what my grandparents did making a better future. But that’s a future talk, and in addition to being grateful, I often think, ‘What were the basics – the fundamental truths – that we need to make sure we are fulfilling our destiny.

 And at it’s most simple,the basics are these 3. Food Shelter and Love.

   And I can bet some of you are disappointed with that build up. It seems easy. I’ve done all of those! You may say. And I hope that everyone has. I believe everyone has on some level. But let’s look at them a little more.

Food: This is a tough one with all the misinformation out there. My opinion is that just because your kid isn't starving doesn't mean she's getting the food she needs. So yes, you may be providing calories, but there’s always room to improve here. Now everyone prioritizes things differently, and my ranking of food is pretty high, which is why I spend some extra time in this area every day/week. If you want to up this level of basic necessity just a little, consider doing a few more fruits and veggies over the week, or buying the next best level of food you can afford.

Shelter - I'm going to assume you have this covered - if you're homeless and listening to this podcast - God bless you, but there are more important things to do.

Love – Maybe it’s me, maybe its part of my gender and DNA, but Love for me isn’t always natural. At times compliance, competitiveness, or selfishness wins over. So I understand there’s a lot to improve on here. But this is also the widest playing arena out there. There are so many ways to win here. So I can’t give a specific task today on this one, just know that this basic necessity is one you’ll have to navigate forever and goes in so many different directions. The conclusion of this fastcast is just that if you focus on these 3 you’ll be ahead of 95% of all other parents out there. How will you show your children love today?