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S5-Ep202 - Take A Photo of Your Child: Then Do This:

July 17, 2019

 So my 5 year old – without fail will always ask to see the picture I took of him. I haven’t asked my friends, maybe you gals can comment on our Instagram page or on Twitter if your kids do the same thing. But my kid loves watching the videos of himself.  I’m sure it’s novel, and heck – it’s screen time – but there has to be something more to it. It’s something inside of him.

And I promised no Mds or psychologists so there is no official research to give, but I think they are naturally curious about how they look in the world – since kids don’t go around projecting what they think the world wants to see of them.

  And the competitive side in me says, “How can we make this work to our advantage?” How can we help build their self esteem?

   And the answer is to compliment them. I think this does wonders as children become teens. This is something that can and probably should be done weekly up to that point. Tell them they look good. Tell them that you appreciate how hard they work. A simple way to do it is when you take that picture of them, and the inevitably ask to see it. Tell them that you think they look very handsome or pretty. Better yet, take a headshot of them and do it because they will associate it more with their raw self than one with a pretty dress or shirt in it. Kids believe what you believe. Instill some deep down confidence in them – they’re going to need it.