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S5-Ep182 - How to Be a Better Parent?

June 27, 2019

 “I’m going to be a great father” to my best buddy. The conviction I said it surprised even me. Probably because I was like soo young at the time, and I’m not the kind of person who was ever 100%, fully convinced that kids are my future, my purpose, my destiny. I just assumed I’d carry it on one day. I guess it’s all in our DNA – to do the best we can. And we all think we’re going to be good. Whether by following our parent’s example, or ‘doing things different this time!’ Either way, all of us who’ve said it were just hoping. And hope, well, that’s an emotion – not a gameplan.

My second memory is more recent. I told a friend, you know; “Parenting is just a series of reactions.” Almost immediately, I knew that this isn’t what I was supposed to be doing. This hope of being a great father was supposed to manifest itself into a plan. I was supposed to have it figured out by now! So you can see how the ‘reaction’ answer (Parenting is just a series of reactions) didn’t feel right.

  So if hope (like my first memory) isn’t a strategy. And “reacting” to whatever my kids are doing isn’t leadership. Then what am I supposed to be doing? How can I be a better parent?

                The answers are in what we’ll be providing every day – this is a daily series – there will be a little piece of the puzzle every day. It’s not a simple answer. It’s going to take 365 days of answers before we start to get a grasp on it. And by then, you will start to feel like an expert. But all of the things in life worth doing _ are hard, and those things aren’t learned overnight. I mean, you don’t want a doctor who went to overnight medical school. Anything worth doing is hard.

Ok, so todays lesson. The number one thing you can do – the most bang for your buck is: Try a little every day. And I say that’s easy!!! That’s what we’re here for. Hit that subscribe button and you’ve taken the first step. I mean you could try on your own to do something everyday, but why not have some ideas floated your way every day? For free.

We’ll provide something concrete to ask your children about, or some action you can take to enhance that bond between you and your children (like rubbing their backs, or playing a games).

Today: Give them a backrub before bed. You’ll both love it.