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S5-Ep195 - Resilience in Children

July 10, 2019



 One of the things I hoped to do is reference some of the interesting articles I read and comment on them here. I’ll link this article on our website and in the show notes, so give the full article a read should you want the whole story.

Ok, this was an article by Jennifer Moses in the USA today and in it she basically does a spiel on why this fake online life is the worst. Of course we all know this! but can’t stop won’t stop! Right.

Let me read some things by her:

 Michael Caine’s early years in showbiz added up to dozens of failed auditions. Warren Buffett was famously denied a place at Harvard Business School. Abraham Lincoln’s pre-presidential career included several wash-outs.  But what about the more common life trajectory — which, like mine, just keeps adding to both the “win” and “lose” columns? Why don’t we talk about that?

            And that’s what this channel is. It may not be the most entertaining (but hey it’s 2-3 minutes long so suck it up buttercup), it may not be clinical research advice, but it’s real. We talk both wins and losses. And we talk one thing we can do every day to add to the win column.

  So here’s the part that made me want to include it in the podcast. She says, “First, the ingredient that makes the difference between (real versus fake) isn’t looks, smarts, wealth, or talent, but resilience. Resilient kids usually grow up to be winners.‘
And that’s what we’re here to do. Raise freakin winners.

So here’s the link between kids and this news story – Most of y’all are on instagram humble bragging … or at least trying to. And kids need the humble part to be resilient. Not the bragging part. They need to know that there will be setbacks, there are things in life that are messy and hard and failure is a thing. And they need to know that you love them through it all. And giving kids those two things – the chance to do things on their own and fail – and your love in the end – is what makes resilient kids in a nutshell.  Tomorrow we’ll go a little bit deeper with some Harvard Research.